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Tarot Card Meanings

Welcome to the astonishing world of the Tarot card meanings. These cards are not only beautiful designs but each card has a unique and important meaning to offer great knowledge to you. Let’s explore these beautiful Tarot card meanings. In a Tarot deck, there is a card for every situation in life. From career queries to love and family related questions.

The tarot card deck is made up of seventy-eight tarot cards. Each one has a different tarot card meanings and indication. There are basically two categories of the tarot cards, the Major Arcana and the Major Arcana. Let’s move ahead and see the tarot card meanings for the Major Arcana and the Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana Tarot Card meanings

The major arcana is also known as lesser arcana. It has 56 suit cards of the 78 tarot card deck. The major arcana contains four suits with 14 cards in each of them. These four suits are wands, swords, cups, and pentacles. Each major arcana suit has cards from one or ace to ten with four court cards being a page, knight, queen and the king. The major arcana cards basically show interpretation for the activity of our lives on a day to day basis. These tarot card meanings are more realistic provide direct illustrations. These tarot card meanings differ from person to person. These are the illustrations for the four suits of the major arcana tarot cards.

I. Suit of Wands - The Suit of Wands contains Ace of wands, Two to Ten of wands, page, knight, queen and king of wands. The tarot card meanings for the suit of cups is majorly about proficiency, creativity, and effort. The wands also indicate taking the control of your life by choosing your own path and work hard to achieve it.

Fool Card
With all his property in one little pack, the Fool travels he is aware of not wherever. thus stuffed with visions, questions, marvel and excitement is... read more

Magician Card
The qualities of a person to be skilled and intelligent communicators are marked to be a Magician. The presence of such a being around you is marked t... read more

High Priest Card
Blue, white and black colours, pomegranates, the moon crown of Isis, veil, star cross, crescent moon. Black & water lily, pillars (B stands for Bo... read more

Empress Card
Having determined what he can produce together with his tools, the Fool strides forward, impatient to create his future a mature reality. this can be ... read more

Emperor Card
The Fool was given choices by the Magician, and selected one with facilitate from the High priest. He learned a way to develop it due to the Empress. ... read more

Hierophant Card
Having created a solid foundation on that to make his future, the Fool is affected with a fast concern. What if everything he is worked for is taken a... read more

Lovers Card
The Fool involves a cross-road, stuffed with energy, confidence, and purpose, knowing specifically wherever he desires to travel and what he desires t... read more

Chariot Card
The Fool is near finishing what he started out to make some time past, back once the Magician discovered those tools to him. However enemies are curre... read more

Strength Card
The Fool, victorious over his enemies, is feeling chesty, powerful, even unforgiving. There are hot passions in him, ones he finds himself unable and ... read more

Hermit Card
After a protracted and busy lifespan, compromising, failing, succeeding, building, creating, loving, hating, fighting, the Fool feels a profound have... read more

Wheel of Fortune Card
From out of concealment comes the Fool, into the daylight, as if being force up from some low, dark purpose on a wheel. it's time for a amendment. Emp... read more

Justice Card
The Fool is longing for a brand new path, a brand new aspiration, and inspiration for his life. Sitting unsure at a crossroads he notices a blind wise... read more

Hanged Man Card
The Fool settles below a tree, out to finding his non-secular self. There he stays for 9 days, while not intake, barely moving. Folks locomote him, an... read more

Death Card
Having left the tree from wherever he adorned, the Fool moves fastidiously through a field, head unmoving clearing from visions. The air is cold and w... read more

Temperance Card
Recovering from feelings of loss ultimately, the Fool begins to marvel if he can finally realize the new spirituality he is once. It happens to him th... read more

Devil Card
The Fool involves the foot of a huge black mountain wherever reigns a creature 0.5 goat, half god. At his hooves naked individuals, coupled to the god... read more

Tower Card
As the Fool leaves the throne of the Goat God, he comes to a Tower, fantastic, glorious, and acquainted. In fact, The Fool, himself, helped build this... read more

Star Card
On the grim landscape wherever the Tower stood, the Fool sits, empty, despairing. He hoped to search out direction on this on a secular journey, a pat... read more

Moon Card
Following the star the Fool travels through the night. The total Moon rises, illuminating for him a watery path. And he begins to feel disoriented as ... read more

Sun Card
The Fool wakes at dawn from his long, dark night of the soul to seek out that the stream has deposited him during a serene pool. There's a walled gard... read more

Judgement Card
As the Fool leaves the garden of the Sun, he feels that he's close to the tip of his journey, able to take a final step. however, one thing is keeping... read more

World Card
or Tarot “The World” card picture indicates ,” A Woman or hermaphrodite saltation, a wreath within the form of a Yoni (almond formed circle), tw... read more

II. Suit of Swords - The Suit of Swords contains Ace of Swords, Two to Ten of Swords, page, knight, queen and king of Swords. The tarot card meanings for the suit of swords is it shows a person who is smart, very intellectual, and motivated. These cards represent energy and accomplishments of great proportion. If you draw a sword card, then start the action and reap the rewards.

Suit Of Cups Card
In latin-suited playing cards, four suits are used. The suit of cups also known as the suit of goblets is one of them. It is a part of the Major Arcan... read more

King Of Cups Card
The King of Cups is mainly associated with authority. The fish is said to be the symbol of soul and inspiration. It also represents the balance betwee... read more

Queen Of Cups Card
As the name suggests, the Queen of Cups basically is the empress of the dominion of emotions. She is a gorgeous and thoughtful woman who in the card i... read more

Knight Of Cups Card
The Knight of Cups is portrayed as a young knight who is riding on his white horse. He has a cup in his firm grasp and looks like he is carrying some ... read more

Page Of Cups Card
The Page of Cups generally represents a commencement or renewal. In the card, the Page of Cups is wearing a blue tunic with flowers all over it and ha... read more

Ten Of Cups Card
The ten of cups shows us a loving image of a couple, together in a relationship of true everlasting love. There are two children playing and in the ba... read more

Nine Of Cups Card
The nine of cups shows a mid-aged man sitting on a bench and looking content. He is nicely dressed and his expression shows a level of satisfaction. T... read more

Eight Of Cups Card
The Eight of Cups basically shows change and alteration. The look of the card clearly shows sadness and a sense of isolation. In this card a man has t... read more

Seven Of Cups Card
The Seven of Cups portrays a man who faces an extraordinary and shadowy presence of images from the seven cups floating around in the clouds. Here clo... read more

Six Of Cups Card
This card shows six cups which are filled with white flowers, one flower in each cup. A boy is smelling one flower and giving this cup to a child. The... read more

Five Of Cups Card
The Five of Cups symbolizes struggle, defeat, and the trials of handling that loss. The card shows a figure wearing a black robe in which he is hiding... read more

Four Of Cups Card
The Four of Cups shows a young man who is meditating under a tree. He is so deeply involved in his meditation, that he has not noticed a cup is in fro... read more

Three Of Cups Card
The Three of Cups symbolizes achievement and celebration. This card shows three young women who are dancing in a circle. They have golden cups in thei... read more

Two Of Cups Card
The two of cups show a man and a woman who are exchanging their cups. It looks like a ceremony or a wedding. There is a symbol of the caduceus of Herm... read more

Ace Of Cups Card
The ace of cups depicts a hand from the clouds, and it is holding a cup. The cup is overflowing with streams of water. There are five streams which re... read more

III. Suit of Cups - The Suit of Cups contains Ace of Cups, Two to Ten of Cups, page of cups, knight, queen and king of cups. The suit of cups is driven by heart. The tarot card meanings of these cards is sensitivity, intellect, love, longing, and approval. If you draw a cup, then you should follow your instincts and be considerate.

King Of Swords Card
The King of Swords where king having a sword in hand, represents the professional and powerful aspect of life. It shows and finds out the deep aspects... read more

Queen Of Swords Card
The Queen of swords where a queen having a straight sharp sword in hand, showing the positive and witty combination for life. It finds out the deep fo... read more

Knight Of Swords Card
The Knight of swords where a young man having a straight sharp sword in hand, showing the purity and motivation for life. It is a combination of purit... read more

Page Of Swords Card
The Page of swords where a young guy having a sharp sword in hand, showing the hard attitude and stubborn image and way to handle the life on his own ... read more

Ten Of Swords Card
Ten of Swords where a guy is pin down with a multiple sharp sword, showing the hard attitude and destructive image of life and brutal way of life. It ... read more

Nine Of Swords Card
The Nine of swords one of the more negative card to discover in your spread, the IX of Swords describes a powerful mental pain. The source of this pai... read more

Eight Of Swords Card
The Eight of swords a negative card to discover the Eight of swords describes a powerful situations beyond your catch. The source of this pain may be ... read more

Seven Of Swords Card
The Seven of swords a card which describes a powerful situations beyond your hands. It shows the some sources is opposing you with full strength. The ... read more

Six Of Swords Card
The stormy sea on the boat’s right side signifies misfortune. The still water on the boat’s left side signifies the finish of worries. The man dir... read more

Five Of Swords Card
The uneven formed smokes represent a period of struggle. The two swords on the ground represent the conquest of the two individuals walking away. The ... read more

Four Of Swords Card
The knight resting on a crypt denotes renewal. The three swords aiming downwards signify the resolve of the hurt seen in three of swords. The horizont... read more

Three Of Swords Card
The three swords aiming downwards signify wind-ups. The swords cross each other as they penetrate a heart symbolizing emotional pain. The sky is fille... read more

Two Of Swords Card
Ten of Swords where a guy is pin down with a multiple sharp sword, showing the hard attitude and destructive image of life and brutal way of life. It ... read more

Ace Of Swords Card
The Ace of Swords showing a hand, covered in white, hold an vertical sword, representative of the mind and the intelligence. There is a wreath at the ... read more

IV. Suit of Pentacles - The Suit of Pentacles contains Ace of pentacles, Two to Ten of pentacles, a page of pentacles, knight, queen, and king of Pentacles. The tarot card meanings for the suit of pentacles is down to earth, watchful and practical. These cards indicate prosperity. The suit of pentacles also indicates you to be attentive towards the financial affairs.

King Of Wands Card
This card is a symbol of financial wealth and prosperity. The king is known for being the financial master and ruler of his time. The king brings with... read more

Queen Of Wands Card
The queen is related to female icon. The qualities associated with her are status, financial stability, self dependability etc. This card presents you... read more

Knight Of Wands Card
This card is one of its own kinds. This card comes in play when sudden changes take place in your life. For example switching from one position to oth... read more

Page Of Wands Card
A person young at heart is about to bring good intelligence to you soon. This card is an important sign which displays news which will convey happines... read more

Ten Of Wands Card
If you find this wand influencing your verve, this means that you will have to put in extra efforts in the work, the project require hard and strong c... read more

Nine Of Wands Card
The structure conjointly as a weapon in the hands of the person. The prehistoric man may be an image of the restricted a part of our intellect at thos... read more

Eight Of Wands Card
Eight interlinking grapevine wands seem on a buff background. There's a red and yellow glow wherever the wands see.... read more

Seven Of Wands Card
You have the ability to fight in difficulties and problems with courage and velour. You did not discovered the qualities in you openly yet because the... read more

Six Of Wands Card
If this wand enters in the life then there are possibilities that you will be given shares for the effort that you have put on in the past. This is so... read more

Five Of Wands Card
Five similar young men with 5 wand battle among themselves. After you invest energy during a project, you regularly realize that it develops and grows... read more

Four Of Wands Card
This card is browsed as an indicating wedding, this as a result of the wedding is seen because the "completion" of the primary stage of a relationship... read more

Three Of Wands Card
The III wand is capable enough to deliver glad tidings to you if and only if you are to enhance and implement the creativity you possess. You are cert... read more

Two Of Wands Card
This wand depicts that you will soon be involved in new professional linkups in coming future, it says that even you can have accomplishment with vent... read more

Ace Of Wands Card
If you pick up Ace of wands this means that nearly you will be joining in a new venture. Some might symbolize this to a coming of new baby in your lif... read more

Suit of Pentacles Tarot Cards

The Suit of Pentacles contains Ace of pentacles, Two to Ten of pentacles, page of pentacles, knight, queen and king of Pentacles.

King Of Pentacles Card
This pentacle depicts and symbolizes the living personality such as male. The king in its own sense is a valued and honorable figure in his town. The ... read more

Queen Of Pentacles Card
The queen as the name suggest is a female icon that the card portraits it to be a person in its own manner. Queen is a one who is dexterous in financi... read more

Knight Of Pentacles Card
This Pentacle stand for the intrinsic worth of patience, admiration and self dependability. The person like this is a role model who is hero of his ho... read more

Page Of Pentacles Card
The Page is at all times a rational card, the card is associated with the personality you possess and the outlook you have about the life. The card si... read more

Ten Of Pentacles Card
This card clearly describes your financial security as well as emotional interests in a positive sense. This depicts your own responsibilities that yo... read more

Nine Of Pentacles Card
The pentacle says that you will receive financial rewards on your work but only possible with hard work and endless efforts along with cautious planni... read more

Eight Of Pentacles Card
This pentacle is positive in the sense that if you are engaged in work which needs creativity, craftsman labor and inspiration from your end. This car... read more

Seven Of Pentacles Card
The nature of this card is so that signifies that you will encounter situation where you will escape yourself from facing failure but it is that you w... read more

Six Of Pentacles Card
It is known that the success you will encounter will be the result of the kind work you did with others it may be in the form of financial help or it ... read more

Five Of Pentacles Card
This pentacle signifies a negative picture. The major setback in your life is the result of this card. The card says that you will encounter failure i... read more

Four Of Pentacles Card
You are on the way to success which you have encountered might be with the help of your efforts or it may be through a gift. This could be a legacy w... read more

Three Of Pentacles Card
If you have an unambiguous picture about the heading months, then surly your hard work will be rewarded in manner in which you ought to be. Perhaps th... read more

Two Of Pentacles Card
The meaning of II always signify the two forces one in favor and other against, here it deals with one to be as change and other as balance. The two ... read more

Ace Of Pentacles Card
An Ace is well known to signify a new commencement which can be any form. Where as an Ace of Pentacles which produces a strong affirmation to you and ... read more
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