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Face reading by professional psychic readers online

Face reading by professional psychic readers online


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Face reading by professional psychic readers online


Face reading is the art by which we will be able to know about a person’s character we can analyze the persons fate(past,present,future), personality trait and also the health all this can be analyzed just by the face reading and thus is called as the facial astrology

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which will be detected on the basis of the facial features such as eyes,nose,cheeks,chin,lips,forehead,eyebrows and many more features all these has its own psychological meaning so every person has its own features and related fate to that face thus face reading is considered as way to know the character of the person and the idea for the fate about him like what the person is facing in present or being faced in past and what will be facing in future so all this is knowing the astrology by human face reading.

Also these is being used in knowing the health issues related to the person, as in ancient time face reading was used as the most important tool to get to know about the health issues of the person as our skin is very thin on the face and delicate too so by this the it will be making the disease o detect by face reading and mainly these is done by Chinese face reading and they are still practicing face reading in order to detect the health issue along with this we can give the information of fortune by face fortune telling.


Here we will be informing you all about the face shape and the related fate or attributes regarding these we are showing you the face and personality behavior of the people. Face reading by Face Shape

  • Oval face shape
People with this shape are also called as the people with the “metal face” according to the Chinese face reading this type of faces are within proportioned and the symmetrical, they are having the even throughout from a to the chin with the well shaped jaw as well as the fair complextion and as per

the face reader

these people are with the great intelligent quotient with the perfection I every task performed by them are perfect, these people are tend to be weak at the physical strength but leaving this these people are very bold and they are having mind of various ideas which proves to be asset for their success other attribute which these oval shaped persons are having is the firmness regarding any of the decisions and also having the sense of honesty, these kind of persons always obey the rules and they are also considered as the best manager with the great management skills, also at making justice and judging the situations.

  • Round Face Shape
People having the round face shape also called the people with the “water face” according to the Chinese face reading according to the face reading these type of people are considers as very smart as well as intelligent , and also the people with the round face are more reflective as we will able to recognize the emotions of the by their facial expression. and also they are diplomatic in nature having the strong business sense and the business skills, basically these people are adaptive in nature as they can adjust themselves in environment according to the situations and circumstances these are the people with the dynamic nature along with the varieties of idea’s around themselves but sometimes be little slow in making the decisions also according to the face reader people with these shape both the man and women are very optimistic in nature they are kind, caring and sensitive and these people are master in managing the long term relationship along with the full of creativity is filled in these people they are dreamers and having the vivid sexual fantasies.

  • Heart Face Shape:
People having the heart face shape are called as “wood face” by the Chinese face reading these people are having the very delicate chin by this it’s suggest that these type of people are not having much interest in the physical activities, usually this kind of people tend to work which require the lower physique and not more interested in the outdoor game or activities according to the face readers these people will rather utilize their time in reading and analyzing the things and getting knowledge, mainly their tall and the broad forehead their mental ability is being reflected and as per human face reading the main qualities of these heart shaped face having like these peoples are natural leader’s they knew how to lead the team and manage them very well they are the great planners at every aspect and also they are having the sense of responsibility, basically these people has the far vision they can sense the future vibes and start working for the same these people have deep believe in philosophy and are deep thinker also they are having more interest in collecting the knowledge instead spending time on analyzing their financial situation along with the strong idea’s which will be proving the plus point for them, these people are quite emotional and would rather give their time for the relationships as these people are very generous and loving many of the heart shaped people’s are the writers, artists and in research.

  • Square Face Shape
People having the triangle shape are sometimes called as the “earth face” as per the Chinese face reading these people are very methodical and practical in nature and also they are does to earth people mainly these kind of people seek the stability and they always emphasizes on the security In their working life as well as in the personal life according to the face readers we will never find these people in rushing for the things and making themselves to the situations where they need to take the risk also face reading says that people with the square shape always chooses the safe and the proven part and also at many times these people proves to be little conservative in nature, quite and they are not the type of people which can be influenced by other they have their own decision making mainly the working areas suggested for these people are finance, insurance as they proved to be reliable and trustworthy employees.

  • Triangle Face Shape
People having the triangle face shape are sometimes called as “fire face” according to the Chinese face reading these people are having the chin lower at the cheek bones basically people with these shape are extroverted and seems to be very social having the jolly nature with the funny personality according to the face reading it was seen that these people are open book we can know everything about them as they have been so outward for their life and never keeps any grudges inside, these people are having the illuminating properties which will be so attractive that it have that much power to just change the people thinking about them and also have brings the light in other’s life people with the triangle face also have the skills to be the perfect presenter, speaker and having the perfect career choice and also they can control their temper at the times having the situation handling capability.

Physiognomy – Face Attributes

Here we will be going to study the features of the face reading about the specific areas like forehead, eyes, lips, nose and jaws

  • Forehead reading
Understanding the human nature by reading forehead is called as “metoposcopy” which is another stream of the forehead Astrology.

Face reading by Hair lines

The hairlines is at the top of the forehead from where our hair start growing and basically by reading hairlines also we come to know about the persons behavior this all we can get references form the best face reading books or an astrologer which will be helping in getting the knowledge about the hairlines but this is usually difficult to read as today due to hair styling the actual shape and size of the hair line as being vanished so this cannot be readed properly also this considered as the most tricky part in face reading unless hairlines are clearly defined

  • Straight Hairlines:
People with the straight hairline generally have the logical mind they have that can think logically in every situation which helps them to take the decision as soon as possible.

  • Short Straight Hairline:
According to the forehead lines reading the people with the short straight hairline having the anger and also these type of person may have the irritating nature.

  • Narrow Hairlines
people having this kind of hairline are conform and has the problem while dealing with the people they cannot agree with the others.

  • Curved Hairlines
People having the curved hairlines are considered as charming they will be making others please by their charming nature they are reasonable we can easily rely on these kind of person basically these people are having strong financial planning.

  • M-shaped Hairline
Basically people who are having the M-shaped hairline they symbolizes a person who is having the artistic capability, and strong as well as creative and this type of hairline is mainly found on men. This type of person has the creative imaginations and they always come up with the new and unique solutions for every problem.

Face reading by shape of Forehead

As here we will get to know about the most important by the face reading feature which will make us to know about the people personality and by forehead lines reading we will be getting to know the person better.

  • Average forehead
These are the people are intelligent they have the specified objective in their life, these are also considered as the good teacher with the crystal clear ideas, these people take the initiative also they are hard working, and have the great problem solving techniques and they are balanced in every situation.

  • High forehead
people with the high forehead are best at digesting the information and basically these people are good learning according to the forehead astrology these peoples are good at the physics,maths and philosophy people with the high forehead can sense the danger fastly and so they keep away themselves from taking the risks they are very clear in their life and make sure about the security in whatever they do they dislikes the uncertainty so plan all the favorable outcomes and make it the success.

  • Low forehead
according to the face reading the people with the low forehead are independent they are spontaneous and first they act then they think later on it basically these people are always surrounded by problems so they learn from their mistakes they always give the preference to their hear for solving the problems other than the head and to approach life as well.

Face Reading by EYES

This is the section which will be guiding you for the face reading techniques by reading the people eyes because as we know that our eyes give all the information about our mood and our behavior basically eyes is called as the “window to our soul” this is true and specially it comes to the face reading with the different shapes of the eyes having the different behavior as well and these people having the different personalities so we will be judging them on the basis of the eyes.

Shapes of eyes

  • Big eyes
People with this type of eyes are basically receptive and they are open minded, these people are having the intellectual curiosity related to every subject they need to know about the things which are happening around them such people are also having the vivid imagination power and they are full of jolly nature so basically they hate the boredom and these people are very creative in nature but at the same time this people are hypersensitive and can be distracted from their work very easily.

  • Small eyes
According to the face readers people having the small eyes have very selective mind regarding the various situations in the life and the small eyes personality are very organized in their work they are having the particular choice which they cannot adjust and liked to be well planned these people are methodical and thus they are focus deeply on the things which they are highly interested and they can do anything for the same these people are also narrow minded.

Face reading by eye color

Here we will be detecting the person behavior by the eyes which includes in face analysis personality test

  • Brown eyes
According to the Chinese astrology People who are having the brown eyes having the earth qualities of the person and the these people having the energy, fertility also these people with the brown eyes having the lots of course they are ground to earth and these people are generally very kind and these are much more interested in the material gains, they are the nature lover and spiritual in nature they can handle the situations very strongly as these people are highly independent.

  • Black eyes
As per face reading People who are having the black eyes are somewhat mysterious having the secrets with the darkness like vampires they keep on thinking for the various things they are mostly indulged in the romantic activities these are the most romantic people you will be noticing that mostly the heroes having the black eyes, they are as mysterious in all the given attributes these people never reveals the truth about themselves nor they talk much about themselves and basically these peoples are also called as the psychic powers.

  • Hazel eyes
.people with the hazel eyes are the people with the lot of courage and these people are independent in nature they do not depend on any one for the work. These people are mentally stable and can handle the various situations in life which will be complementing to their future Also these people are having the correct sensibility they are highly sensible in nature. And they show the empathy to the people this means that people with the hazel eyes are kind and cannot see people in pain also by these eye reading we will get to know how to read faces.

  • Blue eyes
People who are having the blue eyes are having the clairvoyant abilities and these people are basically analyzer they analysis their problem on the basis of the future and the past and has the ability to deal with the same. People with the blue eyes are very observant they have the power to keenly observe the life as we know that blue speaks the language of energy of the sky and water so these people are as clear as the water and straight forward regarding all the situations in life.People having these eyes are all about the nature these people are healthy and always like to be fresh these people basically loves the nature and having the will to do things for the nature like we can also say that these people are spiritual in nature and these people proved to be the healers as they are the helpers and always ready to do help for the peoples.

  • Gray eyes
People specially women face reading with the gray eyes are considered to be the sensitive in nature as these kind of people have the inner strength which is not carried by everyone and also people with the gray eyes has the wisdom and also these peoples are adaptive in nature as per the situations they can come across and change the mood for the people this is the sign that these people are having a lot more inner strength.

Face Reading by NOSE

We can also know about the nose face reading of person fate by reading the shape and the size of the nose this will be giving the great information about the person characteristics as among all nose reading is very easy to do so on the basis of various sizes and shapes we have these studies about the nose also now a day’s face reading can be done with the face reading software.

  • Short nose
people having the short nose are kind to the others and also these people are very defensive so it’s being hard to know them well basically these people are not adaptive in nature as they do not like if any change is being introduced in their life and these people thinks so much that problems are on their head but actually not in the reality.

  • Long nose
People having the Long nose are very active in nature and bossy they like and enjoy the travelling and sports they also have the interest in the culture and they love what freedom they are having so as they required their own space they are not having the adjusting property normally these people are very ambitious and always be dissatisfied from their work and keep on trying to achieve new goals but sometimes they choose that goals which are unattainable.

  • Roman nose
People with this type of nose are very passionate about everything so when they love they love with the whole passion and when they hate they hate with the same passion, these kind of people are very enthusiastic for almost everything and sometimes they may be judgmental.

  • Aquiline nose
People with this type of nose reveals the commanding power, they are generally people with the utter determination and the pride and if the nose the somewhat narrow it loses these qualities by other way and replace with the person being with the tyrannical character

  • Straight well-formed nose
As per the face reading nose These people having the patience with the kindness and the ability to balance the life in each and every situations thus having the elegance and the power to make life good and endure it., these kind of people shows the fascination for the things and the same time they being so cold and the indifferences, these people believe in socialism so they are very liberal and always values the moral relationships and maintain it socially also.

  • Snub nose
These kinds of people always shows the tendency to dominance and also person with these type of nose lack of the kindness elegance and behavior is not that appreciable and these people also have the great poetic power.

  • A curved nose
People with this type of nose are having the sharpness in every moves and these people carry the curiosity and also in adding this if the person having the thin lips with the mouth bent edges then it proves to be that person is gossipy.

Face Reading by LIPS

Here there will be studying about the lips free reading the persons nature on the basis of their lips and we will be letting know the characteristics of the person by the lips itself as by these we know that the persons lips can say a lot more about their personality and we can do the face reading analysis by know the art of reading the lips.

  • Thin lips
People having the thin lips are very selective in nature and for these type of people quality is far more important than the quantity, these are people with the high sophistication, and they always love beautiful words to speak and they enjoy the presentations and always they want everything to be done properly and well planned because these people like to be organized.

  • Full lips
People with the full lips are usually more confident and also they are marked to be the pleasure seeker in bed and also same as in to the life as well these kind of people love trying to do the new things they never get offended in taking the new risk for the life and these people are bubbly like to take as well as share the experience they have gone through their life.

  • Thick lips
People having the thick lips are tend to be the person with the loving nature like to live the life as they want and basically these people make their life according to their happiness sometimes these people tend to be lazy and also more sleepy in nature.

  • Heart shaped lips
People with this type of lips having the qualities like they are highly independent and confident in nature, these people are seductive and sensual as well. Need for love and kindness are the most important things required for these people.

Face reading by Eyebrow

We will be coming to know about the personality and the thought process of the person by the face reading eyebrow.

  • Curved Eyebrows
According to the face reading People who are having the curved eyebrows have the vivid mental focus for accomplishing the given task and thus if we want we can connect to these people easily for understanding the problems of the life as we understand more better than the real life experiences then to understand by the theory or reading these type of person will definitely help you regarding these and surely you would be getting the perfect solution from them to your problems.

  • Straight Eyebrows:
Straight eyebrows people have the most direct approach to every situations in the life no matter what they are always ready for the problems and to face them with the full determination and the courage and these people can tell the facts and the things which are going on through the mind without any of the judgment required.

  • Angled Eyebrows
Those people who are having the angled eyebrow will be mentally strong in every situation of the life and they have that much power to control their life with full balance and dedication as well these people are having the very good leadership quality and with the challenging capacity people with these shape of eyebrow never fear form the challenges in the life and can solve every issue will the full ,mental focus as well as courage.

Face Reading by CHIN / JAWS

We will also come to know about the behavior of human by simple chin reading which will be giving us the valuable information about the person personality.

  • Prominent chin/jaws
People with the prominent chin/jaws are very active in nature but basically these people are impatient in nature they always ready for the initialization for every task and they like to take the first move for the same and they have the leadership quality as well so they can lead the team and will be the reason for the success as well because of the confidence in them these people are not afraid to take the step ahead these are judgmental in some cases and strong enough to go through any of the worst situations in the life and always they will fight for the right and what they believe is right they never takes the step back for the same and basically these chin/jaws is found in the politicians.

  • Small chin/jaws
People with the small chin/jaws are the kind of the people which enjoys all the pleasures of life they are. Highly sophisticated and like to be well organized all the time they like to live with the planning and people with these type of the chin/jaw cannot tolerate the wrong around them they will fight for the justice, these people are morally very strong they like to make the relations getting intimate and at the same time they know how to maintain that so they are the great lover’s too and like the traditions have the believe in god and are always ready to serve them, these is the reason these people are not so demanding and well focused on their work. thus knowing about the person by their chin is the chin reading astrology.

Face Reading by Cheeks

By reading the cheeks we will come to know about the facial meaning of the people.

Meaty / fleshy

These type of cheeks those people are having these are very sensitive in nature and basically these people are artistic in nature.

Weak and narrow

People having these types of cheeks are mainly people with the lots of concern but sometimes they lack in taking the appropriate action they are mysterious in nature very reserved do not like to share the problems with others.


As per chin reading These types of persons are irritated very often and they fall sick very often but they are care free nature with having the lack of the responsibility.
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