Why is he hot and cold with me

If the question Why is he hot and cold with me troubles you?  A relationship is not easy to go thing. It is quite complicated as it is a roller coaster ride of unusual emotions and a burden of feelings. It becomes more complicated when this question haunts you frequently. You might love your man to a greater extent but some things cannot be mended like the stiff behavior of these men.

If he is sometimes excessively involved in you and the other time he just ignores your presence. If it is happening with you then it can be a tough time for you.

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Do not worry and bitter your conscience by excessively thinking about Why he is hot and cold with me. In place of doing that, try seeking a worthy answer to itTry to analyze where your relationship is going wrong. Try to discover the loopholes and then mend them.


One reason for your man’s behavior is because you are not giving him enough importance which he deserves. This factor can make him annoying as he will start feeling unwanted and less valuable. Try giving him his share of value, this will help in shattering your problem.



If your man showers a good fraction of love on you but many a time he is just lost somewhere. Then you might conclude that he has lost interest in you but that’s not always the case. Don’t frame negative episodes and try to find actual reasons for it happening.



You can discover an answer to Why he is hot and cold with me by observing your man. There might be instances that he is feeling insecure about something which might be a reason why he is behaving in such a manner with you.



What should I do if he is changing his behavior towards me quite often?


The first thing you should do in this situation is to stop intensifying yourself for no reason. Talk to your love and solve things by communication. Good communication is the best way to resolve many shackles that bother a relationship.


If he is possessive about you then don’t rant on the thought of  Why he is hot and cold with me because in this case, it is his love which is troubling him to behave properly because he is over-worried for you.


If there is a problem between you because of lack of time then organize a time for him. Do not spoil your relation on any pity issue because they are precious and must be preserved for a lifetime by cherishing them with proper time and efforts for your partner.


Resolve the matter of question Why he is hot and cold with me by proper cognizance. Don’t rush and spill the milk. Deal tenderly with your partner and try to save your thing. Nurture more compassion and love in order to avoid these situations and keep your love happy by being cordial.