Why does he keep me around if he doesn’t want a relationship with me

why does he keep me around if he doesn’t want a relationship with me? If you’re single and dating, you’ll most likely have the magical experience of meeting a guy you really like. He has everything you’ve ever wanted in a guy. He’s an all-around awesome guy. The catch? He doesn’t want you.


Finding yourself in a situationship? It’s a relationship without the definition. And in most situationships, you inevitably reach the point of, “Why does he keep me around if he doesn’t want a relationship?” Thankfully with these signs, you can see the true reason they’re keeping you around.

1.Back Burner

A new kind of relationship that is doing rounds in the dating world is the backburner relationship. Backup plans are good, but not in the case of relationships. According to a study, this is a relation which one has with another person, who is just a backup option. He keeps stringing along with the other person and doesn’t get romantically involved.

The behavior of keeping different options open and hoping to get a new prospective partner is considered to be normal behavior among human beings, according to the same study. Even if you realize that you’re his backup plan, then usually you’re unable to do anything about it since you’re genuinely in love with him.

2. He’s just treading water!

It’s no secret that guys try endlessly to jump in bed with you when it comes to the start of a relationship. Or so it seems. Facepalm…big time! If you’ve been having sex with him whilst you’re dating, good for you girl! There’s no shame in being intimate early on in a relationship.

But ever wondered why would he leave behind that kind of fun? If you’re not sure about him, your first port of call should be to take sex off the table. Once he realizes that you aren’t going to be dishing it out like you used to, the sex fog in his brain will lift. He’ll be forced to decide if it really was just sex inspiring him to keep you hanging on, or if he did, in fact, have real feelings hiding behind the superficial reasons.


I know, I know: This is a tough one to swallow. A potential suitor is truly and honestly attracted to you, but they still don’t see you as “the one.” They may enjoy spending time with you, find you amusing and charming and whole nine yards. The best thing is to be clear with him if you do or don’t want to take the relationship into the more committed territory. There is not really a middle ground. When a guy likes you, he’s all in. As in clear as day, no room for dubiety.

4.” Damage cases”

Sometimes people just have too much going on in their personal lives and this puts them in a very self- absorbed state of mind, rendering them incapable of giving anything to anyone. This is common with the “damage cases.”

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You think if only you love him enough, if you show him the right amount of appreciation, then he’ll break through his walls. It doesn’t work like that. After all, you want a “partner”, not a “project.
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Once you realize why they’re keeping you around, you can decide for yourself whether you should kick him to the curb or step up to make a relationship happen.