Why do I miss my boyfriend?

“Why do I miss my boyfriend?” A very trivial question you ask yourself while your boyfriend is not around or you guys are in a long-distance relationship. I get the idea of missing someone to a point where you start missing yourself.


It is very natural to miss your man especially when you two share an inseparable bond. I mean how you would not miss someone who is a part of you, your constant companion and perpetual accomplice.


There can be many reasons as to, why do I miss my boyfriend and it is also very normal and healthy to ask yourself this question.

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Some reasons why do you miss your boyfriend


  • He is your go-to person: What is the point of having a boyfriend if he isn’t your favorite go-to person. I mean he’d be the one hearing all you gossips, all your day’s activities, all your happy and sad moments and what not! So the very first reason why do I miss my boyfriend is you do not have your cherished person next to you.


  • You are in love with him: Well Love is a big word and a considerable commitment but with the right person it becomes effortless and smooth. You may realize with distance in your relationship that how he has become a huge part of your life and how you feel anxious and somber when not around him. You have emotionally invested in him is another reason why do I miss my boyfriend!


  • You are used to his presence: The two of you do almost all the things together from movies to groceries to road trips and all the other fun and flashy activities and in that case, it becomes very difficult for you to do the same things without him. Things are even worse when you guys live together as the void created by his absence cannot be filled.


No matter what the reason might be of missing your man you have to make sure that you invest your thoughts and time in something more conductive than just sitting back and thinking why do I miss my boyfriend!


Here are a few ideas for distracting your mind


  • Take a short trip and explore new places with your friends or family.
  • Workout for the body you’ve been dreaming for a long time now.
  • Take out your best party dress, go out with your girlfriends and drink those shots!
  • Keep yourself busy by watching your favorite movies or reading your favorite novel and make the most of the me-time you get.
  • Take out those paints and brushes or your ballerinas and do the things you couldn’t do for the longest time.
  • Write him a letter with all the things you’ve been feeling lately and why telling him why do you miss him.


Asking yourself, why do I miss my boyfriend is very instinctive, there is nothing wrong in missing someone who’s an essential part of your life. I feel it is very sweet to miss your man but it is also very important to channel your time and energy into more rewarding activities.