why do i love him

You’ve been dating someone for months or for some years now and all of a sudden you ask yourself “Why do I love him?” I’ll be lying if I’d say we all haven’t given a lot of thought to the question “Why do I love him?” and trust me you’re not alone in this. There can be so many reasons for loving him like maybe he makes you your favorite pancakes in the morning or dances with you on your favorite songs and what not!

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Some answers to why do I love him


  1. You can talk about anything

Now when I say anything I mean anything from politics to sports to your favorite cuisines. You do not even realize when you start discussing your darkest fears and the secrets you’ve never shared with anyone else.

This is probably the first answer to why do I love him; I mean how lucky are you to have someone you can share whatever’s on your mind with!


  1. You think about a future with him

When you’re not really into someone planning a future with them is the last thought on your mind but with the right person, you wouldn’t think twice before planning a future together. You guys plan on buying a house together or adopting a dog.  You just sit back and think how good it feels to see that person even in the future with you and again you think this is why I love him.


  1. You are ready to make sacrifices

For a person who would not even share their favorite blanket, you wouldn’t realize how sharing things and making small sacrifices becomes a part of your life and you wouldn’t even mind doing it for the person you love and if you’re already doing so then you already know you’re in love with him.


  1. Talking about him

Some days you would notice how you spend time thinking about him and talking incessantly about your man to almost anyone and everyone. You can’t help yourself from chanting his name a thousand times. If you want to know why do I love him? Ask your friends how many times you’ve mentioned his name in the last hour!


  1. You will lose track of time

You will be so happy about spending the weekend with him but with a blink of an eye, you will realize it is already Sunday night. Trust me on this one, time flies with the right person. Why do I love him? Because no matter how much time you spend together you’re left wanting more!



The person you were probably thinking about and blushing over the relatable memories is the answer you are looking for! The answer to why do I love him might be different for everyone. We do not even realize how everything in our world revolves around the person we love and how they become an essential part of our life and this is why you love him for making you feel special and loving you more than you love yourself.