Why is he ignoring me?

Have you been asking yourself: “Why is he ignoring me?” Then trust me, we have all had those sleepless nights wondering what went wrong like, “Did I say something wrong?” Or “Is he seeing someone else?” Or “Is he bored with me?” And what not! It is notably pernicious when you’re being ignored by someone you are dating. Being ignored can produce physical reactions. You may get butterflies in your stomach, tightness in chest and headache due to overthinking.


There can be a lot of answers to the question of why is he ignoring me, these can be healthy reasons or toxic ones but you’ve got to deal with them.

If you’re still wondering, “Why is he ignoring me”,

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Below discussed are a few aspects


  1. 1.    He might be busy

By being busy I mean he genuinely has a lot of work to do or can be busy with family and might not be able to give you his full attention.


  1. 2.    He is confused about his feelings

Being confused about a woman is very natural during the initial phases of the relation. Give your partner some time to understand you better and you won’t be asking yourself again that why is he ignoring me!


  1. 3.    He needs some space for himself

Getting so much involved in each other sounds good but for a short time sooner, or later a time comes when your partner craves his own space. So the next time before you ask him why is he ignoring you make sure you’re giving him his space.


  1. 4.    He might be scared of love

I won’t deny the fact that men start ignoring you because they’re scared of falling in love with you. Love is a major commitment and most of them are not yet ready for it and that a mix of emotions leads to ignorance.


  1. 5.    He is playing games with you

No matter how stupid it sounds but guys play this game where they ignore you just so you get mad and give them all the attention they need! Well, that means you don’t have to always cry thinking why is he ignoring me because sometimes it is just for fun.


  1. 6.    You might be acting differently

You see, changes are not always on his side, sometimes we do not realize how we’ve been acting differently. Maybe this change of behavior makes them miss the person we once were and they can do nothing but avoid us.


  1. 7.    Your absence doesn’t matter to them

Sometimes the guy we date has his priorities like his friends, his game, or his work. Instead of wondering why he is ignoring me if you sit and observe things you will notice that your presence doesn’t make any difference in their life and neither does your absence.


  1. 8.    He wants to end things with you

This can be the worst reason out of all the reasons for ignorance. It is quite natural that when you want to end a relationship you start ignoring the other person just to give him or her hints.


You will be hurt by the fact that you are being ignored by your favorite person. However, you will need to acknowledge the impact of his decision and then decide if you want to put efforts to pursue the guy or you’d rather keep your distance. There is always someone better waiting for you!