How to explain why you love someone

how to explain why you love someone?Have you ever count the ways you love your beloved? Or the ways to express your feeling for someone you love?

In the trend of getting viral, we ignore or neglect such things.  It works as oxygen. So try it out.LOVE is nothing but a soft feeling. “How I love thee, let me count the ways….” – A touchy line from the Sonnet43 of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Why Should You Explain or Admit It?

Love is a feeling, but very few people ignore to admit it. You should care about your relationship; you have to pay attention to him.

We have to live in our life. And it’s a duty of each and everyone to become it beautiful. Every one of us deserves a fair experience. ‘Love’ smoothes the way of our fuzzy-wuzzy life.

Here are some clues only for you –

  1. Love him as he is

Everyone has his personality. And this unique charm is the main attraction to his partner. You should love him as he is. A man is complete with flaws and all. As you love his right sides besides, you should love his negative sides too.  Then your relationship will show sunshine to you.

  1. Love his sense of humor

To console someone to any misshapen, a smile works. A smile has a high value in life. If your lover has this type of nature, respect it. It’s the rare nature of any person who can laugh at you at your challenging time. This makes you perfectionist, so go ahead!

  1. Feel his kindness

Kindness is a form of showing how he loves you. Who loves you, never can torture or ignore you. The way of his behavior, caring will tell you about the depths of his love. But you should also be polite, kind, and smiling. A lot of love story begins with kindness for both of them.

  1. Feel your safety with him

In this world, anytime you can feel scary and lonely for your mental condition. In a relationship, it’s vital to feel safe and secure with your near ones. A woman always demands security from his partner. In the word of secure, if you mind your man, then there is no doubt you love him.

  1. Love the way how you are free with him

he wants to transform you like the best. It has so many ways because of your devotion to him.  Checking up all your bad habits will be the main demand of his activity. Keep your selfishness aside and love him as he wants better you.

  1. Love his thinking about you 

In our busy schedule, only the way of pure love can rescue us from anxiety, tension, depression, and pressure. You already have known what he is thinking about you. True love can go behind all your hopes and desires. Your encouragement will help you to experience it.

  1. Love the way he wants to do the best You

At last, it’s to say, reliability, dependence brings completeness in a relation. You feel a great time when you are with your man. Just keep continuity with him and enjoy your time. It will tell your move.


Love is a gift from God to your life. It happens. If you think before starting it more and more, it will increase your confusion. So be relaxed and think.

Is the list helpful to you? Who knows, this is the most wanted person in your life. You will be lucky with him.  Just read the reasons and correspond to your points which suit you and love your partner from your heart.

How to explain why you love someone infographic