how to fix a relationship that is falling apart

When you are wondering about how to fix a relationship that is falling apart all you need to know is that being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. It has the power of igniting the spark of love in the heartless, raising the spirits of a broken man and spreading the message of benevolence. But sadly, it seems difficult to maintain it nowadays and relationships have to lead us to astray.

Fixing relationships that have lost its original spark and reviving it seems a daunting task. But we need to understand that a relationship is like a tender bud which needs constant care, attention, and love, absence of any of these can curtail the bond between two.

how to fix a relationship that is falling apart

Apart from these basic engines that run the train of a relationship, there are some other factors that help it in working smoothly like :

  1. COMMUNICATION:- If for any reason a relationship is facing a problem it is important for both to sit and talk communication and bridging differences in the open is key in such situations.
  1. TRUST:- The best proof of love is trust. Trust is something that links each and every element in a relationship. If this fails, then the essence of the bond falls and it’s hard to recover. To hold on to one together for a long it’s better to back the essence of the relationship that is trust.
  1. FORGIVE:- Forgiveness is the fluid for all relationships. Every relationship comes to blows, to fix any relationship it is expedient not to linger upon hurtful memories that are restraining you to progress with your partner. Keep things where they belong and do not bring past into your present so it can ruin your future together. Learn to let go things but keep the lesson it taught you. Forgiveness is a process, and not a result. Forgo the negative sentiments keeping you from true forgiveness.
  1. RESPECT:- Respect is the mainstay of any healthy relationship. Respecting each other’s decisions, privacy and opinions can help any relationship save its worth. Acceptance comes first- without changing, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent uniqueness in one another. Respect is a two-way process, if you will give respect to your partner, you will certainly get it back too. It is the backbone of any relationship and it helps in building a feeling of trust, safety, and wellbeing.
  1. PAMPER:- Never ever let the spark in your relationship die. As the relationship gets older, partners stop doing things they used to do in the initial days of a relationship. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary, do small things like complimenting each other, Simply sitting beside each other sharing their emotions or trying something new together that you never did before. The excitement of something new produces dopamine and serotonin in our brains.

To conclude, Give each other time and space. Understand your partner’s needs and think before you react. It is advisable not to do anything that may lead to questioning of the belief on which very relationship stood because HAPPILY EVER AFTER is not a fairy tale — its a choice!

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