how to spice up relationship or marriage he is losing interest in

When you want to know how to spice up relationship or marriage ihe is losing interest in here are all the answers.Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires falling in love with the same person for always. But as the relationship gets older the more routine it starts to become, trying to maintain the spark could be tiring and we tend to crave those initial butterflies-in-the-tummy, the excitement we have had at the start.

Following are some of the tips for HER to bring the breeze of freshness back in your otherwise mundane relationship.

  • BEFRIEND WITH HIM:- The pillar of any relationship is friendship, so it is essential to be friends with your spouse. Being friends means sharing moments of laughter and sorrow. Tease your husband/boyfriend like you tease your friends. Don’t be dominant. Enjoy being in a relationship. Take time to find common interests and engage in them, trust me you will never lose the spark. Play with each other, spend quality time together.
  • ROMANCE:- Romance is a linchpin of a man’s heart to tighten a knot in the bonds of love. With time, romance fades away between the couple promoting the distance between the two.

Doll up yourself for him every day so he never fails to notice you.

Pour Love RETRO style — the era of handwritten letters is almost gone, try to bring it back. Write a sweet letter for him and keep it in different places at different times like one in his study or in a laptop bag so when he gets it there a wide smile on his face and heart full of love.

Make love not only to his body but to his mind. Understand his needs, that’s only what a man desires.

  • SURPRISES:- Imagine on a busy Friday noon when you are already so exhausted, a text message pops on your phone saying ‘Hey honey, there a surprise for you tonight!’ How quickly the mood will switch, right?


Plan surprise dates with him where you can get some quality time together.

Keep track of things he need like a new wallet, order it for them and surprise them.

Visit new places, take new adventures with him more often as the excitement of something new produces serotonin and dopamine in our brains.

how to spice up relationship or marriage he is losing interest in –

  • RECALL THE GOOD TIMES SPENT TOGETHERhow to spice up relationship or marriage infographics:- While on a date or in a bedroom together at night refresh your memory with the flashbacks you guys have had together. It helps you relive those moments all over again and helps a relationship gain its spice back real quick!

Talk about your first date, your special and funny moments or the first time you saw them.

  • EXPRESS OFTEN:- Never stop expressing what he means to you. Men love to listen to how special they are in someone’s life. So do it oft-times.


Never make them feel less than any man out in the world. Use cheesy lines frequently and win them over and over again.

  • PAMPER HIM:- Doing little can make a huge difference. Cook his favorite meal, offer him massage after a long tiring day. Do everything to pamper him well!