Will I find True Love?

Before coming onto the topic let us define what is true love. True love requires faith, trust, loyalty unlike most of the relationships nowadays which are only about showing off, gifts and to impress society. Many youngsters have a question in their minds that when will they find their true love?

Whether we admit it or not, many of us keep trying to find our perfect partner. Special one who can become your soulmate. We crave having someone who loves us unconditionally other than our parents and shares the memories of our lives with them.

My Opinions & Story

Though I have been single all my life till now I still believe I will find the true love of my life sooner or later. According to me, patience is the key as I have seen with most of my elderly friends and brothers who were able to find their soulmates.

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Some mistakes I have done in the past is that I have shown desperation while approaching someone. We should not move too fast and let things unfold themselves. Moreover, in trying to impress others we do unusual things which can backfire sometimes and break the chances of turning the friendship into a good relationship.

Being a theist I believe god will eventually make me meet with my angel with whom I can go on a world tour and experience life. And Even if I don’t, dreaming of the angel and this beautiful imagination already makes me so much happier J.

In India there is no real concept of dating like abroad. A guy goes on a date only if the girl is already in a relationship with him. But the real concept is two strangers or friends going on a date, get to know each other better and then slowly go on more dates and eventually get into a relationship.

Coming back to my story, I am not confident in talking with girls I am attracted to. I have never had female best friends till now in my whole life L. Shy nature or complex thinking maybe one of the reasons. I have accepted and recognized this weakness and will be improving surely in the future.

After reading “I Too Had a Love Story”, an amazing book written by Indian author Ravinder Singh I realized that true love can arise from nowhere and can be taken away in an instant too. As he found his love from shaadi.com ( matrimonial site ), I am also thinking of making accounts on tinder and other dating platforms.

In the Ending, I would like to say that even if you don’t find your true love, learn to be happy on your own. And to those passing through recent painful break-ups, learn to let go and practice the art of detachment. Practice the
WOW, Philosophy – to be happy with or without.
To all the desperate ones like me, keep trying and I hope you will find your true love someday  J.