Will he propose to me?

His actions and conversations will answer this question, will he propose you or not is completely judged from the type of conversation he initiates with you. A guy who is up to propose you show curiousness in knowing about your personal life by asking personal questions. He is keen to know your willingness to be in a relationship, basically, commence the conversation regarding love, qualities you want in your partner or boyfriend.

Just to get an idea where he fits in the type of partner you are looking for.


He focuses on pampering you by finding new ways continually such as throwing messages to confirm that you are home safely, bring chocolates/ toffees or book movie tickets to surprise you, etc. just to grab your attention and make you smile.


An impulsive explanation can be seen to convince you when you show disagreement with him. Moreover, a kind of hesitation and nervousness in his behavior, which states that he will propose to you.

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Healthy flirting will take place from his side along with intimate conversations. In between, he expresses his feelings as a joke just to know your reactions, he can predict your final decision if he will propose you.


Be with you all around the clock as your emotional support. Eager to know the reason behind your sadness and feeling low. Try to cheer you up by tracking silly jokes or sending you a funny video that clearly shows he will propose you.


Most importantly, if he cooks food for you that it’s crystal clears that he will propose you. He will fetch a water bottle or a drink for you whenever you feel low and tired. A guy only cares for a girl and treating her like a princess when he wants her as a girlfriend or a wife.


He will most probably quit the bad habits that you do not like about him. He started working out to overcome the things you are against like hanging out with girls all the time, consuming alcohol, however being punctual and start devoting his time in productive work.


He will completely observe in the conversation about your past relationship to know about the reason behind the breakup and to learn what kind of person your Ex was and the things you hate about your previous relationship.


He will be very careful while interacting as he is afraid of your resentment. If it happens so he will become impatient and cannot wait to talk to you or to hear your voice. He will approach your friends to tell you to talk to him back.


He will ask about your taste in music, food etc. After knowing this, he will share the songs which express his feelings for you and expect the same for you. Often, find chances to ask you for the date to spend quality time with you.


Hence, if you come across above mention behavior of your male friend or boyfriend then he will go to propose you soon.