Will he ever be mine?

As a girl, the question “Will he ever be mine?”Commonly arises in our mind and honestly, there’s nothing wrong in thinking the same unless you are fantasizing about Brad Pitt! Nobody wants to face rejection that too from someone they secretly admire.Men are an enigma. You cannot be comprehensively sure about what men want. So if you’re expecting someone else would answer will he ever be mine question for you then you are wrong because no one except you knows this better.

Sometimes he treats you like you are his world and sometimes behaves like your existence doesn’t even matter to him. Sometimes he thinks you are the prettiest girl ever and then sometimes he doesn’t even care what you’re wearing and then there’s you thinking will he ever be mine. Confusing, isn’t it?

Let me help you with some signs that will help you know if he is really into you, or you’re just expecting something that is never going to happen.

will he ever be mine info graphic


things to know-

  • Already acts like a boyfriend:

This is what men generally do. They start acting like your partner much before you guys start dating. If he acts like a boyfriend caring, annoying yet loving then yes girl he is already yours!

  • Never gets enough of you:

Let’s be honest we can never impose a friendship or relationship without the other person’s consent. So if he enjoys your company and never gets enough of you, likes to meet you often and you guys share a great bond then you don’t have to think this all over again.

  • He is possessive and protective:

No man wants to share what is his! So if a guy is really into you he will always protect you from wrong people and wrong places. Also, he’d not like you spending time with other men. Cute. Eh?

  • You know his friends:

A guy will only make you meet his friends and you will hang out with them only if he’s sure about you. Meeting his friends, going out with them and being a part of the group is a major step for a guy will only take when he is sure about you. So you’re already a part of the gang, then why still wonder will he ever be mine!

  • He misses you:

Something a guy would rarely confess but deeply feel. Yes! A guy who is really into you will miss when you’re not around for a long time. Isn’t it very natural to miss someone you like not around you? So, if he sends those miss you texts then you don’t have to think twice will he ever be mine. He is head over heels in love with you.

  • He keeps no filters:

No one likes to act fake in front of someone they admire. If the guy you want so desperately is all open about him, no filters and is comfortable sharing even his darkest secrets with you then you mean a lot to him because it takes someone really special for boys to open up like this.

If you find any of these signs in your bond then you either just have to wait for him to take the next step or you can yourself go for it. Instead of just thinking helplessly if he will ever be mine just go and talk to him and make things work