Why is my husband an asshole

If you constantly think that your husband is an asshole then you might be worried because such a type of husband can make you depressed overtime. If he does not understand you and rants most of the time then he can trouble your life to a greater extent.


If your husband is an asshole then don’t jump to conclusions and think of finishing your relationship. Marriage is an auspicious thing and up to a good magnitude, you must try to protect it. Try to find loopholes in your marriage and if possible, make efforts to minimize them.

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Life is too short to tolerate an absurd relationship. If your husband is an asshole and he bothers you a lot then have a conversation first with him and try to reduce the conflicts by talking. Don’t rush and take any harsh decisions immediately.


Try to indulge in a healthy conversation with your husband and ask him why he behaves rudely always and does not cooperate.  If you discover that conversation can bring any impact on his behavior then try some more time cooperating with him.


But if he does not correspond to talking properly then you should make your mind for a more stiff action against him because nobody should tolerate misbehavior for the prolonged duration as it can harm your mental wellbeing. If he still behaves crap, handle him with more strictness.



If your husband is an asshole then give him a threat of separation. As this thing might impact his conscience more severely and he will take your consideration more diligently and it might change his behavior as well. Don’t tolerate his ridiculousness too much because you too got a life.


What should I do if my husband is an asshole?



If your husband is an asshole and he keeps on troubling you with his absurdness then you should try to give yourself a break with him. Choose your happiness over anything because nothing is more important than that. The world is already mean and a mean husband can worsen life.


Even after the break with you if he does not change his behavior then it confirms that detachment is not bothering him and you do not matter to him. Then, leave such a person because his outrageous attitude can disturb your peaceful life and can bring more distortion to it.



If you know that even your efforts to improve your man are going in vain and he chooses to be an asshole only then the only thing you can do is separate paths with him because his bitterness can shatter your life. Don’t let that happen. If his existence is a curse in your life then make a way away from him.


One never drinks poison just because he wants to drink something. So, you should do, don’t tolerate venom in your life. If you do not matter to him and he continuously disregards you then do the same with him. Choose your dignity over your relationship.