Should you stick with him or move on?

Infidelity from your boyfriend can break you and the relationship. When you find out your boyfriend cheated on you, was unfaithful towards you and the relationship, it could betray your emotions and overwhelm you to an extent where you are most likely to indulge in hasty decisions.

Some people decide to stay and repair the relationship which can be an overwhelming process and other times they decide to move on. Often people are caught up with the question, should I stick with him or move on? How do you know when to draw the line and when to move out of the relationship?

So, when is the time to decide whether you should stick with him or move on?

Begin to focus on your inward feelings and give some healing time to yourself. Start spending some time with yourself distant from your boyfriend and realize the depth of your feelings towards this ordeal and about him. Don’t fall prey to the opinions of other people and do some soul searching. If you want to stick with him ask yourself, why? What is it that is pulling you back to him? Choose the option that will bring you happiness and satisfaction.

Sometimes, our emotions are strong enough to overpower our reasoning and get the best of us. Don’t let that happen to you. Go through your feelings, investigate what you truly want.

During these distressing times, you might have a lot of voices and opinions of people who’d jump on the first opportunity they see and act as professionals to help you. But, these opinions can further push you down the tunnel and so it is important to set your boundaries straight and not get influenced.

Conversations play a huge role during these times. You might feel overwhelmed when it is your turn to make a decision. Talk to your boyfriend. If he is completely honest with you and guilty and wants another chance at the relationship and you think you want to give it a shot again, listen to your gut. If he is withdrawn and does not own up to his mistake, it’s time to move on.

Moving on or staying in this relationship is a huge decision and it’s not an easy one. If you want to make it work but are unsure, visit a Should you stick with him or move on info graphiccouple counseling or therapy session. Couple counseling is a huge thing today and can help you resolve the issues and your insecurities about this relationship. You can explore the issues in your relationship that compelled your boyfriend to cheat and work towards solving them. These sessions might be an answer to your question, should I stick with him or move on?

Even after you decide to forgive him and work on building this relationship from scratch and it doesn’t feel right, walk out from it. You always have a chance. Whatever decision you take make sure it is your own and you are not rushing with it. Choose your happiness above anyone else