what do guys like in a girl

Ever wondered why some girls attract guys more than other girls? Finding the “man” of your dreams is not a cherry pie and, what do guys like in a girl with so many people out there finding someone who ticks all your boxes is a battle.

 what do guys like in a girl

Have you ever been in a backdrop where a guy fiercely pursues you initially,

and then when he finds out that you’re actually interested, he is not so sure if he is into you anymore?

That’s the toughest pill to swallow. We live in a world that’s obsessed with a better deal, that we’re always one swipe away. Of course, you’re never going to find the “perfect guy”.  But if you look hard enough, and kiss enough frogs, you’ll probably find your Mr. Right.

Appearances play a big part in attraction.  Being “hot” isn’t enough. Rutgers University anthropologist found that the human body knows within one second whether someone’s physically attractive or not. But here’s the thing, If you want a catch a guy’s eye beyond just mere appearances, then consider this list a wake- up call.


Playful behavior helps us score big when it comes to the opposite sex. According to researchers at Penn State, playfulness evolved as a signal of positive qualities. Do you remember Geet from Jab We Met? She talked, sang, and danced with abandon and didn’t let anyone diminish her spark.

With the dialogue “Main apni favorite hoon,” line she gave the message that you should love yourself the most. Have a sense of humor, be cheerful and tease the guy you like. He’ll be smitten by you in no time!

2. Womanliness

Femininity comes naturally to some girls, but it’s an art that’s worth learning. It’s a trait that no masculine guy can resist. Femininity can also be reflected in behavior. No, I’m not saying pink frills and scented paper.  You can be girly, and still in control of every situation.

3. Intelligence is sexy, don’t play stupid!

Men who don’t feel threatened by a woman who’s intelligent and aware of the world are “the only kind of guys you should date!” You can look pretty and catch his eye, what do guys like in a girl but if you can’t hold onto a conversation with him, he’d just look at you as his arm candy and not someone he can fall in love with. But ladies, use your intelligence in a cooperative manner and not in a competitive way.

4. Empathy what do guys like in a girl

It’s not easy to be a man, so try to listen to his side instead of constantly nagging. The ability to step into the shoes of another person and understand their feelings seems to be in free-fall. From ensuring you’re on time to meet him, to pouring his drink before your own, men will notice subtle signs of a caring side and it’ll make them super crazy about you.

5. Less is more!what do guys like in a girl

Have you ever gravitated towards someone with grumpy face before? No? Men won’t either. Not only does a huge smile make you ooze confidence,

 what do guys like in a girl

it also makes you appear friendly-something many men look for in a partner.

Although we’re in thewhat do guys like in a girl info graphic age of lip fillers and big pouts, it’s actually a smile that’ll get you further. So next time you’re seductively pouting at the man in a bar, think about flashing him a quick smile instead and see what happens.