What are signs if he is hiding his true feelings

When you need to know that what are signs if he is hiding his true feelings for you we have the answers and signs ready for you to find them out.The question about “What are the signs if he is hiding his when he is showing extra concern towards you. You need to consider some signs, if eager to know about this that would help you to aware of what is going in his mind.

He will show an immense fascination in your personal life if he is hiding his true feelings to know about your kith and kin, even ask for a formal introduction with them. He will give priority to your likes and dislikes while going for an outing.

A random mentioning of another man’s name leads to the generation of jealousy and insecurity can be judged from the behavior. He may ask frequent questions to get an idea of the relationship you have with another man. This could be taken as a key sign if he is hiding his true feelings for you.

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Conversely, he will act consciously in front of you for discussing his female friends. At times, followed with the explanation to specify his relationships with them because he is afraid of losing you.

He will be available for you 24*7 to help you at any cost. He makes you feel his presence in your ups and downs. He will not hesitate to go beyond his ways to help you out to resolve your personal and professional issues. He will do any possible thing to spend time with you in uneven situations.

The man inclined towards you will look up to you while selecting his clothes. He chooses to wear clothes of your favorite color. He will act impatient to have a glimpse of you and catch your attention by teasing you to make you smile when he will with you.

Moreover, he becomes more obsessed about how he is looking. He concentrates on looking impressive and updates his wardrobe with the latest styles in vogue.  All these are the signs if he is hiding his true feelings.

Development of interest can be witnessed in the certain activities which he doesn’t like before just to win your heart as he starts reading books, attending social events, extreme sports, which he hates the most etc. An immense change can say it all, that the person is hiding his feelings for you.

His eyes can express feelings if he is hiding his feelings. Constant looking at you when you are around him, and a sudden turn of the face when you look at him after observing that his eyes are on you for a long time. This gesture of denying the look at you will witness that he is hiding his feelings.

Sometimes, he may get involved in the arguments and quarrels just to protect you against someone without caring about himself or the repercussions he would face in the coming future of this impulsive action. This shows that you are more than a friend to him. Through this, you can easily find out that if he is hiding his feelings from you.