My boyfriend ignores me does he still want me

my boyfriend ignores me are you wondering this right now? Is your boyfriend takes a longer time than usual to reply to your text? Are you calling him continuously, but he is not picking up the call? Is he acting like you do not exist in his life? If all these happen for only a few hours, then there is nothing to worry about. He might be so busy with his office client, or he is in an important meeting, or he is taking a nap or in the shower.

But if this happens for more than two days or so, then there is something that you need to be concerned about.

Out of nowhere, your bf is acting like a completely new person. He has been online on Facebook throughout the day.

This might happen because maybe he loves to hang out with his brothers and college friends. But if he does the same without receiving your calls, then something is very fishy.

why my boyfriend ignores me?

This doesn’t happen all of a sudden. There must be some reasons behind this. There can be many reasons but here are the five most common and relative reasons behind why your boyfriend is ignoring you:

  1. He can’t deal with you: If a normal human being becomes mad at someone but can’t show his/her expressions, then he/she makes that person invisible to him.

This is where ignoring comes from. If your boyfriend starts ignoring after a fight, then you will be pretty sure that you need to work on your arguments.

Somehow he is not able to take these arguments from you.


  1. Spending time with you brings him down: Whenever you are talking to your boyfriend, you always start the conversation with negativity complaining against different situations of life.


After a specific time, he will become bored and demoralized in his life too. This could be another crucial reason for him to ignore you.


  1. Always need something from you BF: Do you do that? Whenever you are together if you still want something from him like you want him to buy the right dress or a watch, or another dress, or mobile, etc.


He will become frustrated with you and your demands – another valid reason for his ignorance.


  1. Concerned about his own life: Sometimes you are being ignored by him only because your boyfriend has planned something bigger in his life, which is more important than giving you time by chatting or talking with you.
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