is she the one?

is she the one? A relationship is a  which drives both men and women crazy. And it would not be wrong to say that even men ask themselves about the girl, is she made for me?How to be sure about your future would be a girlfriend or wife?Similar is in the case of women. Such confusion can make or mar the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to be collect the points and be sure about is she the one? If there is a situation where you are in a relationship for years and want to propose your girl for marriage. Or a situation where you just want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Then it is necessary to gather some signs and then consider future plans. This way would help a man to get clear and accurate answers.

is she the one? infographics

5 signs which say she is made for you

In most of the situations, men are unable to answer a simple question: is she the one? This is the reason here are some signs which can tell that she is the perfect match for you.

  1. Other women appear less pretty

The first sign, any other pretty girl seems dulls in front of your girl. Men will start to take less interest in other women. This is because their smile is not killer as hers, their hair is not striking as hers, and their eyes are not as gorgeous as hers. You just see her as the most beautiful girl in the world.

  1. She is the one you want to share your happy moments with

When you are deeply in love with your girl, the situation arises where you want to share your happy and sad moments with her. Whether it is related to your day to day routine, your office promotion or facing hard times in business. Everything is meant to be shared with her.

  1. You smile while day-dreaming about her

Is she the one? Well, if you day-dream and smile while thinking about her, she certainly is. Even after stuck in a meeting or at a metro station you are thinking about her charming face and lovely face. You might not be able to finish your work but you will definitely finish your cute day-dream.

  1. She motivates you and excites you to live life

Not every girl is the same. If your girl motivates you enough then chances are you have gotten your answer to is she the one? Life is a complete roller coaster ride. Having a girl by your side which motivates you and excites you to take a ride with full enthusiasm, she is definitely the one.

  1. She accepts your flaws

No wonder we all have flaws. But keeping them aside and accepting you the way you are is done by very few. If your girl does not care how you look on a Sunday morning or how poorly you cook or you have slight anger issues.


It is not that easy to find someone best for yourself. It is easy to say but it is one.