Is your Relationship Healthy?

Is your Relationship Healthy?

Have Healthy Love, and don’t forget to read your Sun Sign

Healthy eating and the inclusion of exercise will benefit a relationship immensely.  It’s essential not to overlook it.  Health should be a priority for you and your special someone.

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Are you two eating junk food and watching too much TV?  Find your love with your finger on the Sun Sign, for health, happiness and desire.  A relationship requires energy, but it gives a lot, too.

Is your Relationship Healthy?

Aries:  Are you being up sold on the cinema popcorn and soda drink?  There are alternatives to sitting there craving.  Consider dancing or bowling.  Eat then decide what activity to do, whether over a dish of chicken with vegetables or something just as healthy.

Taurus: Learning together can be pivotal, so consider taking a cooking class together.  It’s a game of “best chef” and sautéing for two is simply magical.  An evening walk, hand-in-hand, is also key to your happiness together.  You won’t be sorry!

Gemini: Don’t get on about being sorry.  If you need that slice of cake, have it.  Then again, maybe not?  There are other ways to love.  Rather than a heaping bowl of ice cream, get out to dance class, and frolic.  No more guacamole–better salsa dancing than salsa.

Cancer: Is dining at restaurants your favorite kind of entertainment?  It may be time to discover something else.  Try spending your eating-out budget on a health club.  Or maybe golf is in the cards for you.  You can’t go wrong.

Leo: Forget about chips and cookies.  Remember, a person is not the sum of their food habits.  Take six weeks to tweak–substitute healthy water for your usual beverage and go with baked instead of fried.  Diet changes are a great game to play with your special someone.  Don’t forget about the fitness, either.  You have an opportunity to be in great shape.

Virgo: Put an action plan in effect.  Clean out your cupboards.   (Don’t cheat!).  Donate if you have to.  Get to your health food store for fresh herbs, vegetables and lean proteins.  Regular exercise plus a diet like this one and you’ll be in great shape in no time!

Libra: Gourmet food doesn’t mean fattening, so don’t forget about the parties!  Bring home cookbooks and serve light, healthy dishes instead of the usual ruckus.  Don’t forget the appetizers.  Only go out for special occasions.  Dining in should be your routine.

Scorpio: Time to lose the takeout!  Get back into the groove of a healthy lifestyle with your sweetheart by getting active.  Walks in the afternoon, ahead of dinner time, and preparing nutritious meals afterward together is a great recipe for a happy, healthy relationship.  It doesn’t get better.

Sagittarius: If you’re the lucky one with a partner who’s tuning up the car and posting the usual social media humor, it’s time to re-attract what you already have.  Don’t forget about your body.  Get a game in, and take up swimming, tennis, or boxing.  Resolve your priority issues.

Capricorn: Exercise hits home if you’re practicing tai chi or yoga.  Forget Saturday night “anything goes” fests.  It’s time to change the direction of your various treks to the kitchen.  Take your partner out on a promise to have healthy foods, like steamed vegetables or grilled lean proteins.

Aquarius: For your sign, it’s all about the potluck.  Sure, you dine out a lot, but’s how your health?  Not to mention your wallet!  Have a homemade healthy potluck and invite friends.  It will be so good that you want to do it every month!  It goes with a lot of fun.

Pisces: Did your “get up and go” go out the door?  Not to fret.  Go for a good clean food diet with your special someone.  Forget sugar, white flour and trans fats.  Focus on veggies, lean proteins, fruit, with some grains.  You’ll be energized and ready to exercise!  Nothing is better than a life rich with simplicity and elegance.