How to Read Mind by Looking at Body

How to Read Mind by Looking at Body? Many of us often come across this situation where we wish to know what is going on in other person’s mind or if they really mean what they say.

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Turns out if you always just sit to analyze their words during the exchange, you might be in fact wasting your time. Apparently, a very small part of information is shared through verbal communication. As much as 90% of the information is in fact communicated through postures, gestures expressions which can also be collectively termed as body language.

So, regardless of what anyone says to you, do not depend on their words alone. Try to read their body language. More often than not, you will find that body language is pretty accurate and it tells what they really feel. Therefore, from next time onwards, try doing the following.

How to Read Mind by Looking at Body and eyes

While mastering the knowledge of reading and making sense out of body language and be a little complex and may require quite a bit of time, there are certain things that can be learnt and put to use even by amateurs.

Read out the following things and then talk with your friends or in general, people around you whom you trust.

How to Read Mind by Looking at Body and face

Try to confirm that their words match their body language. Once through with that, try to observe these things with different people and you can then analyze whether what they say and what they mean is coinciding.

Reading facial expressions

  • One of the best ways to judge if the other person is really being honest with you is by checking out their facial expressions. Your facial expressions speak as much as your words if not more.

For example, in case you notice the other person continues to look past your ears or is fixated on some spot past you, then it means that he is probably bored by what you are talking about. In such a situation, the best solution would be for to change the subject or you will just end up losing your listener.

Another example would be how people often look into your eyes while talking. While, looking into the other person’s eyes and be considered as soothing intimate and close, however, if you find someone gaze fixated on you, this could mean he is trying to know what’s going on in your head. He might be in fact trying to figure you out.
Also, what many don’t realize is that covering your eyes with goggles while indoors is often interpreted as the person being dishonest or distressed.

  • If someone looks towards their left side while answering you, then there is a good possibility that they are lying to you. On the other hand if they look at their right side, it is most probably because they are trying to remember something by visualizing the past. This is because while the left side of your brain helps you visualize things the right side of brains has to do with functions such as memory and recollection.
  • Another thing to look out for is the eyes. While talking is the other person has dilated pupils it means that he or she is enjoying the conversation. The same is also true while smiling. A smile can be considered genuine when the pupils in the eyes are also dilated. In a fake smile, only the lips stretch while the eyes remain the same.

Reading Body expressions

  • Sitting or talking with your hand or legs crossed is often interpreted as defensive. It could be the case that they might even be angry but whether they will let it out or gulp it down is determined by lots of other factors. But, you can rest assured that crossing your arms is a bad sign.
  • Constantly touching your hair or ears while talking suggests that the other person is interested in the conversation. While over touching hair and ears could even suggest a sexual interest, at times it can also be simply because the other person is a bit nervous.
    While talking, if someone faces you crossed legged then that is a very definitive sign that the person is interested in you.