Do we have a future together?

Do we have a future together?
Once you start dating someone new and you guys instantly click all you can think of is do we have a future together? This question scares the hell out of one because obviously, we don’t want to lose someone we think is our soul mate.
You guys could have been dating for a long time now yet once in a while this question hits your head, “do we have a future together?” Trust me, this is a very trivial thought that arises in each of our minds when we are truly in love with someone. The constant fear of losing that person in the future is itself bleak. The future can never be predicted! However, there are certain aspects you can gauge to know if you guys have a do we have future together infographics

Factors to know if you guys have a future together:
• You guys like to spend all the free time you have together. Well, enjoying each other’s company by spending weekends together or going on vacations together or even enjoying watching Netflix in your PJ’s is enough for you to know that you guys will have a great future together.
• You know the relationship is strong when you find yourself bragging about each other’s qualities and actions to your friends and family. How cute is it to be so obsessed with someone you love!
• The physical intimacy you guys share is a major factor to be evaluated when planning a future together. By physical intimacy, I not only mean good sex (of course the sex has to be good) but also how you guys touch each other, hold hands, give massages, etc. You can easily tell if you want a future together by acknowledging this factor.
• Families play an important role in the future of any relationship. So when you guys think, do we have a future together you have to make sure your families like you two as a couple. I know couples these days think that loving each other is enough but for a better future it is very crucial for the families to like you guys.
• Are you guys ready to make efforts for each other and by efforts I mean going out of your way just for your partner? Making efforts and giving each other priority over anything and everything else is very important if you are planning a future together.
• To have a future together a lot of compromises have to be given, and not because it is the only choice but because you don’t think twice when it comes to someone you love. You also have to make sure you are not the only one making all the sacrifices. The question, do we have a future together that can be answered just by knowing how much are you ready to do for each other.
• PDA (public display of affection) is a vital factor when it comes to a lasting relationship. How you and your partner treat each other in public says a lot about your relationship. How comfortable are you while being out especially with friends and family will surely make you predict how good your future shall be.

Thinking, do we have a future together is very natural when you are dating someone and notably when you are in love with them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. If at any point you think that this relationship won’t last long you should let go of them because there is always someone better meant for you.