He wants to be friends but likes me

Have you had a guy who was your best friend since childhood but when it’s your teenage or after teenage the level of compatibility rises and you feel like there’s something more than friendship from his side than this could be a sign that he might like you, but wants to be friends.

So girls, if you’re stuck with the same issue of where he wants to be friends but likes me then there are some signs which indicate the same as under-he wants to be friends but likes me infographics

7 signs which show that he wants to be friends but likes me

DON’T PLAY HIDE AND SEEK– Just be active in your friendship, don’t hide your feelings for your partner, you just need to express them as soon as possible, so that you won’t get late in expressing the truth. (not a sign but important to understand)

CARING BUDDY– Guy who is there for you since childhood, obviously does care for you as he wants to be friends but likes you and keeps you like a princess, but when the princess word came then this could be love. To understand this you need to maintain a balance or just need to clarify things with your guy.

LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING– As a couple has been friends for long, that means your level of understanding would be better, and you guys will be very comfortable with each other. But sometimes what happens is due to the communication gap due to the feelings of one could be damaged, so in that case, one should step forward and should tell his/her feelings.

EARLY FWB PARTNER– As soon as you get to know about he wants to be friends but like you then his messages could be double meaning, asking for sex or want to do sexTing with you. Friends with Benefits has no future and it just makes things go more complicated and in the end, everything finishes forever.

NEVER AVOIDS YOU– He would never ever avoid you, whether in public places or when you’re in private with him. He tries to give you his immense time and care but please be aware and sought things out asap. He feels for you its not a fault, it could be a blessing someday for you.

COMPLIMENTS YOU– If you notice daily than this is the most significant and continuous,  Shower of compliments which he throws on you like anything. Just to make you feel happy and what if he wants you to like him too.

HAPPEACE– He will surely find his appease in you, Happeace is happiness+Peace, as he is only happy when he finds peace in you and if he is happy.