cancer man leo woman compatibility Cancer man in love with Leo

Well, let’s see what we have here! Have you ever heard of fire on water? Well, this is just the case. This relationship can cause enough drama to make even a soap opera look like harmony. As Cancer is driven by mood and Leo is high on ego, they are destined to clash. Both of your signs are dominating in their own unique way. Cancer has traits like insecurity and possessiveness while Leo looks for excitement in life.

cancer man leo woman compatibility Cancer man in love with Leo

cancer man leo woman compatibility

The excessive sensitivity of Cancer may thwart Leo’s extreme lifestyle. The water of Cancer compatibility may put off the fire in Leo, so to speak. Leo often has the problem of making everything about them, which makes them extremely hard to handle. Leo is driven by the sun and Cancer by the moon, which makes them again the opposite. A lot like two sides of a river. With the short-tempered nature in the mix, this is one tough relationship to be in.

Now how do we work this one out then? Well, there are some commonalities too. For starters, you both really admire passion and romance. You both are emotionally charged as both of you are driven from your heart and not your brain. Loyalty is also a common trait for both of you, so even with all the turmoil, you tend to stay firm. For this relationship to survive, you need to have self-awareness, you need to check yourself before blaming the other. If you stay put, then over a period of time, you can learn to take control of your emotions and blossom as a couple.

Cancer man with Leo woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
This can work out better, a man will be more sensitive and let the Leo woman take charge. The Leo woman needs to keep a check on her dominant nature, so as not to hurt the sensitive man. This can ultimately boil the Cancer man’s frustration and the relationship will suffer. So be considerate and be together.
Cancer woman with Leo man (Cancer Love horoscope)
This is the normal situation where Leo man is dominating and the Cancer woman is sensitive and emotional. With the Cancer woman is being a great homemaker, this can be an ideal situation. The Leo man needs to start being more sensitive and help to make the woman more confident and independent.