Cancer man in love with Scorpio woman Love Compatibility

Now this is what we call a match. Two water signs with traits which perfectly Cancer man Scorpio woman Compatibility complement each other. It is a slow start relationship as both of you are very protective and don’t trust anyone easily. But eventually, you will start trusting each other.

cancer man scorpio woman compatibility

This relationship can easily be for life. The balance of your native qualities will give you great balance and understanding which is not easy to attain. You both like to celebrate occasions so those anniversaries will make amazing memories. The romance will be delicate and subtle, the way you both like it. You both feel great comfort with each other so nothing is too extreme. As with all the other similar zodiac, the major problem is you both are afraid to propose. You should work around it and talk about other things which will eventually lead to expressing your feelings. Once that is done, it’s a joy ride. Your comfort level will make you spend a lot of time together. You are very good parents a little too caring at times, though. The biggest hurdle for you both is to control your emotions, you both can get a little extra possessive at times. But since you both know each other so well you will get around it.

Cancer man with Scorpio woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
Scorpio are known to be very self-centered and can be a bit harsh at times. To overcome this the native sensitivity and care of cancer man will play a major role. Scorpio woman also need to understand the mood swings of Cancer man here.
Cancer woman with Scorpio man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The pamper of Cancer woman will make even the hard shelled Scorpio man melt like ice. As long as the Scorpio man can outlast the frequent mood swings of the Cancer woman, things are looking good.