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Cancer with Gemini (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Cancer compatibility is the family-oriented, loving Water sign and Gemini is impatient, mind over matter Air sign. There are some common traits between you two, but with a different perspective. The love for literature is common between you two. Both of you like to save money and can easily bond over store sales and cheap deals.

cancer man gemini woman compatibility


The pampering and nurturing nature of Cancer can often rattle the free bird mentality of Gemini. They can also misinterpret Cancer’s caring for insecurity. The affection of Cancer can make Gemini feel like being parented. While on the other hand, the restless nature of Gemini can make Cancer feel neglected and cornered. The straightforward nature of Gemini can often make Cancel feel insulted. With their native trait, Cancer will then move into a shell and the problems will start. To solve these problems Cancer must learn to stop taking things personally because then the fights will get uglier. Cancer needs to learn that Gemini is not neglecting you, it is your overprotective nature that is driving him crazy. Gemini needs their space, so let them free for a while and you will see that there is nothing to feel insecure about. Gemini needs to learn that Cancer is of loving and pampering nature, they are not confining you in a place, they just enjoy your company a lot. Gemini needs to take Cancer out with them and show them things with their perspective. Since both of you are very loyal by nature, this will easily work out with a little care and adjustments.