Cancer man in love with Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Now, this is a match which is as opposite as it can get Cancer man Sagittarius woman Compatibility. One is left the other is right. People don’t ever understand how you two got together. Well, maybe it is true love I guess. Cancer is the homemaker, completely family-oriented who likes to be with his loved ones. While Sagittarius is a free bird who likes to travel and is very adventurous. Now Sagittarius can get what they are missing, love and care. Cancer can provide all the care and security to their partner. It is like coming home from a race to a settled-down life with a partner who loves you with all the heart

cancer man sagittarius woman compatibility

. The problem arrives when Sagittarius’s need for space becomes a void between the two. The neglecting nature gets to Cancer and things start breaking down. A little understanding of the other can solve your problem and you will blossom as a couple.

Cancer man with Sagittarius woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
Things are meant to be bumpy in this relationship. The open-minded Sagittarius woman will have trouble with a more traditional Cancer man. A lot of adjustments have to make and a lot of sacrifices.
Cancer woman with Sagittarius man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The free bird mentality of Sagittarius man will cause suspicions in the mind of Cancer woman. A lot of care and transparent communication is required.