Why I am still single

An Astrological Guide to Romance

Don’t let your own bad decisions bring the romance to a halt.

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Having trouble with the thought of time?  A Sun Sign makes it easy to see your desire for companionship.  Don’t let problems of your Sun Sign derail your hopes.

Aries:  Alluring but paired with a blind spot where your charms are concerned, it’s up to you to temper the more disturbing facets of your personality with good common sense.  Don’t put up a “me first” when you are just about at your rope’s end.  What’s it about, anyway?

Taurus: Letting yourself go, or hinting that your partner is too much work are both tell-tale signs that you’re jeopardizing what you have.  Don’t hold a grudge–let go and, for goodness’ sake, take care of yourself.  Both of you deserve it.  Resentment is the alternative.

Gemini: Don’t give into the desire to cheat.  You’re going to be sending mixed signals!  And lose your partner’s trust… Apart from that scenario, you have to be clear with your special someone and not create confusion (and deception!) because it will only cause you both pain.

Cancer: You have to know when to hold your own hand (Of fate!).  Don’t talk to your date about your desire to marry or the planned kids in the house with the picket fence.  These are big no-no’s if you think you could go somewhere with the person.

Leo: Arguments will be a hot issue owing to the impulse you have to fight with your special someone.  Don’t tire out your date just because you want to have your say.  Otherwise, your personal battles are going to lead you into the single life sooner than you anticipated!

Virgo: You are shy, and the attractive one you might interest could never notice you if you don’t take measures to cope.  It is in your interest to take steps that will help you overcome shyness and get what you want.  What’s more, don’t give up too soon, before you start getting what you want.

Libra: You’ve probably run into this.  The one you’re with is “broken” and is in need of “fixing.”  You think you have it in you to do the work necessary to bring someone online, but I have to tell you this.  It isn’t worth it.  Don’t spend your time with someone bad for you.  It will cause you heartbreak.

Scorpio: Don’t nag your special person, or you are going to wind up single quicker than you can make a sarcastic answer up.  It won’t get you anywhere if you insist on shooting down your dates before they make it out of the starting gate.  Of course, you deserve everything that’s coming to you.  But don’t let inflated standards leave you high and dry.

Sagittarius: You definitely have inflated standards.  There has to be somebody who’s right for you.  I suggest you keep looking, and have an open mind.  You might be perfect, but it doesn’t mean somebody else is–and you will surely have to bear with your date if you want the outcome to be in your favor.

Capricorn: You are likely to turn away and feel jealous unless you are cool and collected.  Dating isn’t easy, and if it were you wouldn’t need advice how.  Recognize that you don’t trust just anybody.  You have traditional values but don’t be boring.  You will be back on your lonesome if you can’t reconcile what’s inside you and what’s out there.

Pisces:  You might have memories of a loved one who’s gone.  You see how you’ve been self-sacrificing.  If you’re in a bad relationship, consider ending it.  Otherwise you wind up with lover after lover using you, and lonely nights considering what’s been done to you.