Why do men pull away

It’s not always possible that every relationship goes smoothly, by default, Its a part of our life cycle which keeps on moving and has some ups and downs, highs and lows. ‘Why do men pull away’ has many causes- It can be, they don’t feel comfortable, or you just snatched away that independence which they have prior in their life or any personal issues which you will read further.

It’s not only hurtful, but it’s confusing too. You want to make things better, but you’re not given the opportunity to do the same.

At least you need to clarify things and try to seek issues as soon as possible.

Why do men pull away infographics


5 reasons why do men pull away


NOT READY FOR A COMMITMENT- The very common reason why do men pull away is that they are not able to maintain a commitment as they might get confused or there would probably be more options, As men think that there are 100s of options for them and why do they go for you only.

NOT JUST INTO YOU-  As I told you, there are 100s of options for them (MALE EGO), They will try to be in multi-relationship at the same time, To be a STUD. So he’s just playing with you and your time period is over so he’s just pulling himself out from your life, So my Lady- Be strong and stay away from those guys who are MULTI-TASKERS.

PRIOR INCIDENTS- Not all men are BAD, there are some good ones also waiting for you!! But due to some prior RELATIONSHITS, they won’t enter into relationships because they think that they aren’t meant for same, But by time passes you, my girl, should understand his feelings and please keep this statement in your mind-“If it comes back it was yours, If it doesn’t, it never was” – So don’t Please him to be in your life.

COSTS HIS INDEPENDENCE– Don’t you love your independence? A lot of people think that being in a relationship means you must sacrifice your independence. But it’s not true, one can have his/her independence but you just need to be in limits and you need to be true to your partner and that’s it.

I BREAK YOUR HEART, SO YOU DONT BREAK MINE- Takeaway- By Chainsmokers’ best example which means that he doesn’t want to get hurt, by the time he feels like you’re about to say no or end the relationship, he pulls away himself and ditches you first. So that he won’t get hurt later on.


There could be a lot more reasons that Why do men pull away but in the end, this is his personal choice, you can’t stop him.

Both men and women are equal, they can make their discussions on their own, and have full authority over their discussions

As a lady, you just need to try first and if they won’t Accept, Forget him.

GO AND CHASE A NEW GUY…there are better options for you too.