why do intentions matter

Is love enough to make it happen, or is there anything more to it to keep the two of us together? Yes, we have to consider certain aspects as time, commitment, loyalty, and dedication, but does it end there? Yet, there is still an incessant thought- what are his intentions for me?

Two people stay together and put efforts because they love each other, and the comfort they enjoy in each other’s presence. Though, when it comes to the bitter part of a relationship, not everyone handles it well. As a matter of fact, there are a zillion questions hovering around- Did he really intend to stay? Why is he even with me? Why doesn’t he just apologize? What are his intentions for me?

Through the course of staying together and understanding our significant other, we tend to forget to make the base strong. Sometimes we are too busy keeping them happy with gifts, or dedicating songs, taking them on dates, fighting for them or even crying when they cry and laughing when they are happy. What we forget is to decipher the hidden story- is he with me to fulfill the void or does he really love me? What might his true intentions be?

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What are his intentions for me?

Maybe you prod yourself to accredit that it is love because now you have something that you had longed for. Intentionally and ruefully you trick your heart into believing that his intentions are really onto the right path, and there is no selfishness. I always knew he missed something but had no clue what it was, until recently when he said, ‘I wish you knew how to handle me as she did’, and at that moment it hit me again, ‘What are his intentions for me?’

After so many instances, it was no more about how we have come so far and why we were together. Every other chance he got to reach his zenith of anger, it was a reminder that we could be together only if I could be someone else. Now, I knew the answer to ‘what are his intentions for me?’- maybe to change me into what he wanted, to fill the void that was created by someone else, to talk and share as per his convenience and comfort, and most importantly, for me to love him when he wished.

It’s easier said than done. When there is clamoring of thoughts in the head, and feelings racing through heart, it all tends to overlap logic and reality, because then you are too occupied thinking the reasons it all happened. There are times when there is nothing explicitly expressed, but we are tied down to think it was meant to be and try to figure out the status of our relationship. The moment I tried validating my reasoning regarding his intention for me, I realised I was a stepping stone for his self-satisfaction, and not the quintessential love I wished to be





The dilemma- if he is in love with me?

It has been really long that we are talking about and sharing our personal lives. The mere thought of being with him makes me so exultant that my world seems to be complete. I know my part of the story, but a thought always lingers- Is he in love with me?

I’m a hopeless romantic and have grown up watching the cheesiest reel-life romance. I had always wondered if the real-life romance would be equally fascinating, engrossing and adventurous. With him, all the answers come in easy, be it the apprehensions of my made-up romantic fantasy, or the solutions to the most tickling apprehensions. He makes it seems like a cakewalk- to love and be loved.