When will I get married?

Deciding on getting married is a huge decision of your life and you surely need to be prepared before you say yes to it. But how do you know you are prepared to get married? What are the signs?

When you enter the  20s you will see most of the people around you getting married and sometimes that alone is a reason you would be tempted to get married. But that is a decision taken in haste. Look out for these signs which are an indication that you are ready to get married.

when will i get married


  • You feel secure

There is a cliché coming your way but you can’t deny the truth that it carries, You can’t love someone else until you love yourself and understand your needs. It is important for you to feel secure with your own needs and only when you realize that you could understand what the other person wants. Marriage demands you to be open-minded and secure independently. Only when you feel that way you could work towards building a life together.


  • You accept conflict and work towards resolving it constructively

You will be faced with hurdles in a marriage and it won’t always be hunky-dory. Realizing that conflicts exist and working towards resolving it is the best step towards it.  That is also when you get out of the blame game age and start taking ownership of your problems. It truly is an indication that you are ready to tie a knot.


  • When you are ready to share your life with someone

Sharing your entire life with that one person sounds difficult and often we are not ready to sacrifice our space. It kind of seems like a big deal and when you get that epiphany that you are ready to share your life with someone, share their desires and concerns and particularly your personal space, it might be an indication.


  • You want to settle in life

In this age of flings where you always have an option of indulging in casual relationships, this realization is pretty hard to occur. When you have a job that ensures financial independence you would want to open yourself to a new experience and share your vulnerabilities with your partner. You would want someone to share your highs and lows and with you. That is a clear answer to your question, when will I get married?


  • You are ready to take up responsibilities

When you get married you not welcome a person in your life but also their families and other relations. It is a big commitment and a huge responsibility that you are agreeing to. Your life will take a 360-degree turn and you will be bound to many commitments which you can’t turn a blind eye to like adjusting with a new family, sometimes putting your needs over them or vice versa and it requires a thoughtful decision and care. When you think you are ready to make such sacrifices and take responsibility for them, you are ready for marriage.