When will he call me or text me back

When will he call me and text me back? is a question that gets stuck in the mind of every single girl these days, whether in case of friendship or in a relationship. There’s always a possessiveness present in every girl towards a friend or a boyfriend. And if the replies and calls diminish, a girl starts Overthinking. If you agree then please comment below.


Is it something you did to him badly?

Did you say something wrong?

Did you upset him anyway?

Does this mean he doesn’t like you anymore?

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These questions can blow your mind every single minute, till he calls you back or texts you back.



BUSY @ WORK- He might be very ambitious and dedicated towards his work, and GIRL! you just need to understand, please don’t exaggerate the feelings and be CALM>> He’ll call you when he gets free. So there’s a way to it- what you can do is TAKE A CHILL PILL.

GOT A NEW GIRL- Now that is not obvious, If your man is cheating on you, you need to leave him right-a-way!! This only means that  he doesn’t like you anymore? and if you want to teach him a lesson!! Go for it girl, He deadly needs this. In this case, When will he call me or text me back is NEVER. But by chance, he realizes his mistake and wants to make an apology then it’s your call. FIGURE IT OUT!

Is he a GAME FREAK, GYM FREAK, etc.- As we all know if your guy is true to you then why he’s not calling or texting you back can be these two reasons specifically.  These 2 things took a lot of time. And when will he call me or text me back has no clue, But he’ll call you only when he actually sees you 20 30 missed calls, and in nervousness, he’ll surely call you… HAHA!! JUST KIDDING

WANT (NOT) TO IGNORE YOU- A reason could be he just wants to ignore you, avoid you for some time, as if his mother is just sitting beside him, And he actually wants to call but he couldn’t. Afterward, he’ll call for sure, so till then do whatever you want to do.

OUT OF STATION- He could be out of the station, and due to some reasons he won’t be able to respond to your calls and messages, Afterall he is out! Let him enjoy, it’s not always you, It’s his independence and freedom which calls him and he needs to attend these calls also, and in that case, after reaching the place he wants to be then he’ll call you for sure.


There could be a lot more reasons,  It mostly depends on time and other aspects, but these are the specific ones which I mentioned and when will he call me or text me back, the solutions are there, so go for it and Be happy and make him happy.