What is the meaning of karma

Karma is the universal law that states that your good actions bring you good rewards and your bad actions bring bad rewards. Pretty simple and straight forward, but what is considered “good actions” and what is considered “bad actions”.

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Today I talked with one of our psychic exerts who lives in India to find out exactly what actions are considered good and what actions are considered bad for karma.

Good Karma

Below is a list of a few major things that can bring good karma into your life or future lives.

  • Be grateful. Being grateful with your life (even when things are some times not going great) can bring a lot of good karma into your life and future lives.
  • Act with only love. When your motivation and desires are fueled with love, this will bring you lots of good karma.
  • Forgive others. This one might be a little harder for people, but forgiving people’s wrong doings can give you lots of good karma into your life.

Bad Karma

Below is a list of a few major things that can bring bad karma into your life or future lives.

  • Killing or harming another human life. Murder for any selfish reason will bring a lot of bad karma info your life and future lives. We are all God’s creatures and harming another one of God’s creatures is considered very bad, and will bring you a lot of bad karma. The only except allowed would be for self defense purposes. Other than for defense purposes, killing is a very big no no.
  • Killing any animal for sport, food, or because it is considered a pest. Just like killing a fellow human brings bad karma so does killing animals. Some say that killing animals (even for food) will bring the same amount of bad karma as killing another human. For this reason many people (like myself) choose to lead a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • Drinking alcohol. Most of us in the west consider drinking alcohol normal and routine, but drinking alcohol can unknowingly bring bad karma into our life. This is because damaging or altering our state of mind in any way is considered bad karma.
  • Having an affair outside of your marriage or having an intimate relationship with someone who is married.
  • Treating people unkindly. The common phrase “treat others the way you want to be treated” really applies here. Treating people poorly by verbal abuse, psychical abuse, or by stealing from them is considered bad and can bring you karma.

How to remove karma

Removing bad karma on your own can be very hard. Karma is not something that you can remove by doing a good deed and having the good negate the bad. Once you have bad karma, you are stuck with it. But with that being said there is some good news. Our psychic experts have special gifts that can help remove your bad karma! Not only in this life but also past lives. They can go into deep meditation and burn off your karma. If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact one of our psychic experts. They will be happy to help you with your past karma.

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