What if my husband hurts my feelings and doesn’t care?

What if my husband hurts my feelings and doesn’t care?


Have you been in a situation where you have to ask yourself, “Why my husband doesn’t care about hurting my feelings?”, then this article will show you the reasons your husband doesn’t care about your feelings.


Sometimes, we feel that we are the only ones putting efforts to make this marriage work and your husband doesn’t even mind hurting your feelings. However, if you love your husband and think the marriage is worth fighting for you need to resolve any issues you guys have.

What if my husband hurts my feelings and doesn’t care infographics

What if my husband hurts my feelings and doesn’t care?

Some possible reasons why he doesn’t care about hurting your feelings


  1. Treachery:

There can be nothing worse than cheating someone you’ve been married to. I know it is hard to accept the fact that sometimes men do not care about hurting your feelings anymore because there is someone else whose feelings are dearer to them! If this is the case, then you know why your husband does not care about hurting you.


  1. Responsibilities:

We cannot deny the fact that men are expected to perform various roles and responsibilities. Not only at work but also home with family and friends, they are supposed to manage everything single-handedly. With so much on their mind, you may find them detached and feel unloved. You need to talk to them and make them feel better and supported instead of thinking why doesn’t he care about hurting my feelings.


  1. He doesn’t feel respected:

Sometimes, when we get what we want we start taking things for granted and this what your man might feel. Men need a lot of attention and respect. They want to feel esteemed and acknowledged in front of their wives and not getting that kind of respect makes them hurt your feelings.


  1. He is selfish:

A selfish partner who keeps on hurting your feelings is very baffling and damaging. He could always have been selfish but when we first start dating and falling in love, we do not see all the facets of our loved ones. This is normal and natural. The issue now is that his attitude is hurting your feelings and is not tolerable causing you stress.


  1. Divorce is on his mind:

When your husband has decided a divorce in his heart then no matter how much you cry in front of him or display affection it will not change his mind. I know it hurts a lot seeing your partner, your husband hurting your feelings and not caring about doing so when all you want is his love and support.


What to do when your husband doesn’t care about hurting your feelings


  • Leave: Easy said than done! I know it is very hard to leave someone you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with. But there is no point of being in a marriage where your feelings are not respected and you are constantly put in a dilemma where you ask yourself why does my husband hurt my feelings and doesn’t care.


  • Stay busy and focus on yourself: As I have already said sometimes it is just in our head and instead of thinking why he doesn’t my husband cares about hurting my feelings you can keep yourself busy in the activities you love to do. You should spend this time focusing on yourself.


  • Talk things out: You can talk and claim your partner about how his actions have been hurting you and see if he is ready to make things work again.