What are his true feelings for me

At some point in your relationship, this question hits your mind that what are his true feelings for me. Initially, it is all love and chemistry but then you wish to know what your partner’s true feelings for you are.
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It is very ordinary to have such doubts during a relationship. Sometimes your partner is not very open about his feelings for you and you are always confused about what he feels for you. For all those girls out there who are still wondering what his true feelings for me are, here are a few actions that will help you to be sure of his feelings.


 Seven actions that show his true feelings for you:

  1. He is protective:

Very cute yet stringent action men do is protecting you. They get protective about the guys you meet, your friends, the places you visit just to make sure you are safe and out of harm’s way. This is a very opening action displaying what he truly feels for you.

  1. He avoids other girls:

A man who has true feelings for you will avoid any other girl he sees or meets. He’d set his eyes only for you and no one else! This is how you can know his true feelings for you. What else can you ask for?

  1. Scared to lose you:

Someone who has true feelings for you will always be scared to lose you no matter what the situation is. A loyal man will try to make things work out until no other option is left and there’s always an option.

  1. He cancels his plans for you:

Now what else do you want if your man is ready to cancel his plans just to spend time with you.  A man who aborts his plans for you has true feelings for you.

  1. Eyes do the talking:

If your man is not good with words or actions you’ve gotta look into his eyes because most of the time men’s eyes do the talking more than their lips! The way a man looks into your eyes is enough for you to notice if he loves you or not.

  1. He knows your foibles but still chooses to be with you:

Not everyone is transparent in the initial phases of the relationship but with time as you guys get more comfortable and start sharing your flaws and dark secrets that are where the game changes. A man who is ready to accept you with all your shortcomings is someone you’d never want to lose. So the next time you ask yourself, what are his true feelings for me let me tell you, girl, he is so in love with you!

  1. He likes to plan a future with you:

There is no point in wondering about your man’s true feelings when he already sees you in his future with him. Your man planning a future with you is a very prime sign that he is head over heels in love with you.


Although, the amount of someone’s love or affection cannot be induced just like that yet these seven basic actions or signs could help you determine what your man truly feels for you. So, instead of sitting and thinking about what are his true feelings for me just evaluate these actions and I hope you get your answer.