Things to say to your boyfriend when he cheats

  • Things to say to your boyfriend when he cheats

Have you been cheated on by your most loved person? If yes then there’s something waiting for you- Things to say to your boyfriend when he cheats. It is the most heartbreaking and full of hatred experience ever faced by both of the sexes- but in case of girls they’re very emotional and kept on thinking why this guy left me and many other questions as girls can overthink more as compared to boys


6 things to say to your boyfriend when he cheats

”You have hurt me”– It’s an obvious reaction, that you trusted the guy who loved him you like hell, and suddenly did something which is not ethically and morally right.

”But why you did this to me”– Here men usually defend themselves by giving you silly reasons which will not be accepted in any case, So girl don’t have a big heart at that time, he will try to blackmail you emotionally and try to be in your good books which don’t give justice to your feelings.

”Do you feel like we are not compatible”– Girl! if this is the reason why he cheated on you. Then shame on you!! Because he was just playing with your emotions for a very long time and you just allowed him to do that.

”Say your heart out”– For once you can do this, but not more than once in front of him as it makes you weaker than ever before. You can use false words, abusive language to show your anger

”IT’s ALL OVER”– This needs to be done only when you both have to chat with each other, firstly try to resolve the conflict, it could be misunderstanding but if it’s not happening then you know what to do BREAKUP is the final solution.

”Am happy without you”– Don’t let your self respect down in front of his eyes, even if you’re dead inside! Don’t let your inner critique to fall down. Be as much happy you can, this could be a tight slap onto his face by you.

When it comes to cheating, everyone’s experience is personal and different. All sorts of factors can affect how hurt you felt and how quickly you forgive, if ever at all.

You can’t let anyone else tell how you should react, your relationship is your own.

It is so important to use communication and honesty and truth to navigate your way through this bad time. If you can forgive him you should forgive him it’s all up to you how badly he wanted you and you wanted him. It’s all about the communication you have with him after all this bad happened in your life.

You may take charge and can leave him, as you do have all the best things in the world to be with and have a happy life with. Do focus on your family, friends, Girl!! they are loving you just the way you are and keep on loving you.






2) When will he call me or text me back

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When will he call me and text me back? is a question that gets stuck in the mind of every single girl these days, whether in case of friendship or in a relationship. There’s always a possessiveness present in every girl towards a friend or a boyfriend. And if the replies and calls diminish, a girl starts Overthinking. If you agree then please comment below.


Is it something you did to him badly?

Did you say something wrong?

Did you upset him anyway?

Does this mean he doesn’t like you anymore?


These questions can blow your mind every single minute, till he calls you back or texts you back.



BUSY @ WORK- He might be very ambitious and dedicated towards his work, and GIRL! you just need to understand, please don’t exaggerate the feelings and be CALM>> He’ll call you when he gets free. So there’s a way to it- what you can do is TAKE A CHILL PILL.


  • Things to say to your boyfriend when he cheats

Now that is not obvious, If your man is cheating on you, you need to leave him right-a-way!! This only means that he doesn’t like you anymore? and if you want to teach him a lesson!! Go for it girl, He deadly needs this. In this case, When will he call me or text me back is NEVER. But by chance, he realizes his mistake and wants to make an apology then it’s your call. FIGURE IT OUT!

Is he a GAME FREAK, GYM FREAK, etc.- As we all know if your guy is true to you then why he’s not calling or texting you back can be these two reasons specifically.  These 2 things took a lot of time. And when will he call me or text me back has no clue, But he’ll call you only when he actually sees you 20 30 missed calls, and in nervousness, he’ll surely call you… HAHA!! JUST KIDDING


  • Things to say to your boyfriend when he cheats

A reason could be he just wants to ignore you, avoid you for some time, as if his mother is just sitting beside him, And he actually wants to call but he couldn’t. Afterward, he’ll call for sure, so till then do whatever you want to do.

OUT OF STATION– He could be out of the station, and due to some reasons he won’t be able to respond to your calls and messages, Afterall he is out! Let him enjoy, it’s not always you, It’s his independence and freedom which calls him and he needs to attend these calls also, and in that case, after reaching the place he wants to be then he’ll call you for sure.


There could be a lot more reasons,  It mostly depends on time and other aspects, but these are the specific ones which I mentioned and when will he call me or text me back, the solutions are there, so go for it and Be happy and make him happy.