The difference between tarot and oracle cards

The difference between tarot and oracle cards

The difference between tarot and oracle cards

The difference between tarot and oracle cards is it’s acts as a tools and prompts the gateway to resolve issues through cards support to the reader as a guide.

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The cards having different sign to read out about the person.In cards the image shows ability signs connection and its all not totally depends upon the pulling of cards by the person but also by the power of energy.

The tarot word has been first known as trionfic and later it known as trocchi,tarock as a pack of playing cards.these cards are used in mid of 15th century in Europe in the form of playing games and these games are known as itialian trocchini and French tarot.after 18th century tarot card is used in the form of  tarotology or cartomancy.

The word oracle has been derived from latin orare  it means “to speak” and it refers to a priest or priestess as a medium through whom advice was sought by cards positive images and positive thinking.

Both cards have difference ways of answering any question related to human life through cards pulling and spiritual guidance.

If you want to build ur psychic ability and trust your own decision.Now,this depends upon you and your pulling cards.The difference between tarot and oracle cards may help you decide.

Tarot cards

In the tarot card their are 78 cards in it.In this 22 cards are major arcana and 56 cards are minor arcana.

  • The major arcana have different meanings according to positioned on the cards.
  • The minor arcana are divided into suits, pentacles,swords,wands and cups.every suits have different meanings. The difference between tarot and oracle cards is a very slight diffrence.

For new learner or beginner there is more to learn about tarot card reading and meanings of cards.number of decks are available in tarot cards and each have their own energy possibility with tradition.The designs and printing of the cards are different for themselves.


Oracle cards

In the oracle card their are 44 cards to 55 cards and more depends upon its deck card is unique .

  • Oracle cards are useful for getting answers and meanings.the card provide positive messages and powerful meaning to encourage towards positive thinking.
  • Oracle cards are mainly used to develop self  intuition and connection with self spirit guides and angels.

For new learner or beginner there is quite smiliar to tarot card.Oracle card reading having question in hand and next card having answer with it.every card offers answer to original questions.

Difference between tarot and oracle cards:

The difference between tarot and oracle cards
Tarot cards are:

  • They shows the ability of divination,personal growth, and inspiration.
  • These card are known as divination cards.
  • Cards belongs to ancient tradition of divination.
  • It is useful tool for spiritual seeker.
  • The decks of tarot cards always is a set.

Oracle cards are:


  • They shows the ability of good happenings of an individuals and positive results about any suitation.


    • These card are known as wisdom cards.


  • Cards belongs to modern version of tarot cards.


  • It is useful for anyone looking answering and meaning.
  • The decks of every oracle cards is unique.

Both cards are used for knowing the future or any happening in life.its not compulsory to anyone to completely believe in it but its indicates some signals about what happen next.

A tarot card is considered as dramatic images of crumbling and scythe welding skeletons.

A oracle card is mostly have already written something on the cards itself.

The tarot card provide very depth detail to any situation.through this cards u can build up on the story and suitation with each card u picked.

The oracle card are  based around animals and provide very accurate readings.some cards are based on fairies and other subjects.The love oracle card for specific love situation whether it is new love, cheating,break up and many more.

The tarot and oracle cards are useful for specific purposes.tarot cards are more dramatic and final result oriented and most divine cards.their result depends upon the future cards shows positive results oriented,which shows real and good happenings in an individual’s life.

Hence its depends upon every person believe which one he/she prefers between tarot cards and oracle cards.these cards helpful for future happening signals or indicates something about it.

So here was the guide to The difference between tarot and oracle cards if youa re still confused give us a chat or call to any expert.