Signs Your Husband Is Attracted To Another Woman

6 Signs Your Husband Is Attracted To Another Woman

Marriage is not the milk and honey all the time. Even in the stories, the idol couples have ups and downs, and there is no difference in real life.Sometimes you might feel that everything is not going right. There must be something wrong in life.You can quickly feel that from the changes in daily routine. Maybe he starts coming home very late and changes his appearance too.

You cannot see that same love in his eyes. Maybe he starts creating lame excuses like too much of work pressure in the office. And so he leaves home early in the morning and returns very late.

With all these symptoms, the thought that starts coming to your mind is that “Is he attracted to any other woman?

Might you also think that has been the best for him always? What makes your husband compare you with some other woman?

Lots and lots of questions will come to your mind regarding different situations. There are few signs, from which you can be sure that your husband has an affair with someone else.

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Here are the 6 best signs among them:

  1. He Starts Avoiding You: Nothing changes all of a sudden. It is an ongoing thing that proceeds gradually. If he has a crush or attraction in someone else, then he starts avoiding you as much as he can.


Even he gets offended if you use his phone. Also, he starts avoiding your calls when he is out of the home.


  1. Man with lots of secrets: Normal married couple shares every single small secret with each other. But if you find that he forgets to call you back or reply to your texts, there must be a third person on the screen.


These kinds of men become angry if you ask so many questions, and all of a sudden, conversations turn into arguments.


  1. Compare you with others: if there is another woman in his life, he starts comparing you with anybody and everybody.


By giving examples of other married couples, he starts blaming you that why you are so much possessive to him. After a specific time, he starts seeing that woman in you.


But when he finds that they are two different women, the comparisons come in place.

  1. Looks become unusual: You always knew that he loves to wear Puma. All of a sudden, you see that he is wearing Nike or Adidas.


He shaves regularly and does haircuts to look more clean and attractive. And when you ask him about this, he says choices and dressing changes can be changed with time.


Definitely, but it cannot be all overnight.



  1. Gets offended easily: You may encounter some situations where he gets hurt with tiny little things such as the TV remote should be on the table. Why is it on the sofa? And similarly like that.


  1. Spending time with you becomes less: Whenever there is another woman, naturally, he starts spending less time with you. He starts staying outside throughout the day.

Signs Your Husband Is Attracted To Another Woman

And when you ask, he will give the excuse of work pressure in the office. He might say that an audit is going on in the office or the client is visiting the office etc.

With all these signs, you can quickly identify that there is something fishy. Another woman who inspires him and that reduces his attention towards you.