Signs he loves you but is scared

“Life without love is like a tree without fruits or blossoms.” Almost every guy likes/loves a woman. Unlike confident ones, some men are afraid to confess their feelings and start giving signals. For a woman, these are the signs that he loves you but is scared.

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Some men don’t confess their love because they have a fear of rejection. While some are confused/unsure about their feelings. These become reasons for their indirect Confession: SIGNS. For catching these signs a lady needs to be intuitive and have good observation power.


Important signs to look out for


He’s open to touch. (People maintain limited contact with ones they don’t like) This doesn’t mean he will deliberately touch you. But when you touch him or in case of an accidental touch, he will love it. For example when you touch his arm during a conversation.


He focuses on spending time with you. Observe if he puts away his phone or not in the middle of a conversation. This signifies his priority of spending quality time with you. He will regularly make efforts to meet with you.


The most common and easiest sign to identify is that he will try to impress you. He might tell and show off his various skills like playing guitar, sports, dancing, etc. He remembers everything about you to show he is a good listener and gives her words a lot of importance.


Jealousy is also one of the important signs. signs he loves you but is scared he feels jealous about seeing boys closely talking or flirting with you, it is a clear sign of his love for you. If he didn’t like you he wouldn’t care.

More than usual compliments for you are also a clear sign that he wants a relationship with you. He keeps throwing the ball in your court, he wants to see your reaction to his attention. The girl should keep a check of all these compliments.


If you want to know whether he likes you or not then keep a check on his friends too. Most probably he may have told them and if they act overly funny, keep teasing him then it is a direct sign that he loves you but is scared.


How to know a man loves you but is scared? The simplest way is to notice whether he stares/stalks you for a long interval of time when you are not looking at him. This is a common practice of a boy if he loves a girl.


He introduces you to important people in his life like family and best friends. If he is inviting you to family gatherings, birthday parties, etc. you can be sure that he wants you in his life, even if he is keeping his emotions vague.


Overall the only way is to observe him. You must not end up confusing yourself that he loves you or not. If you are unclear about something, you must ask him and move the relationship further happily.