Signs he is fighting with his feelings for you

Is love so complicated? Or it’s us who make it so complicated. Whatever it is, some people are very much scared of going into relationships. May by he has encountered some kind of bitter experience or got hurt or fought with his own hear and feelings for his partner. These men think that being in a is just to tie yourself with lots of dos and don’ts. Here are the 6 signs when you feel that your partner is fighting with his feelings because of you:

signs he is fighting for his feelings infographicHe is Fighting with His Feelings for You – 6 Signs


  1. Different Behavior: If he is going through such a stage, then you might see some sort of inconsistency in his behavior. For example – you might feel that he is not so comfortable spending time with you. Some day you see that he is ignoring you completely. He replies to your texts late or doesn’t pick up your calls so often.
  2. Staring from Distance: sometimes you see that he is staring at you from the distance with lots of questions in mind. This might give you a feeling that maybe he is trying to keep the distance from you.
  3. Close Contact: Sometimes, while talking to you he comes so close to your body. Though he is fighting so hard with his feeling and heart, still he wants to take full advantage of being in a relationship with you. This sign sometimes becomes a normal movement also like other couples.
  4. Make you Jealous: He might make you jealous sometimes. He starts making comments for the other ladies and women. So that after a certain time of accepting, you become jealous. He doesn’t even know why he is doing that. Maybe he is so confused or frustrated or fighting in a conflict.
  5. Knows everything: Sometime might see that he is not paying any attention to what you are speaking or doing. That might make you morally down. But remember that he is putting his eyes on everything you are doing throughout the day. He also knows how much time you stay online on social media. He never tells you anything but keeping the data. So that if any arguments happen in the future regarding the same thing he will have some resources to show what you did in the past.
  6. Attitude: If your partner is fighting his with his feelings, you can easily find that out by looking at him. His body language will change completely whenever you are in front of him. Sometimes you might see that he is actually reflecting your attitudes to you like your gesture, your behavior, etc. you can also find him playing with the fork and spoon at lunch or dinner time. Or he is making his hair curly with his pencil.

These are some of the important signs with which you can find out that your partner is not so happy with you. Just because he has to fight with his feelings for you, he doesn’t even think about what you are feeling. He is always busy just to empathize with his own heart.