9 Reasons Why My Partner Doesn’t Let Me Use His Phone

In a perfect relationship if you still find yourself wondering Why My Partner Doesn’t Let Me Use His Phone, there is nothing so personal and secret between the couple. That doesn’t mean you always check your partner’s phone to spy on him. But if you see that your partner makes objections for touching his phone, then you can suspect.

Something is happening for sure. Do you need to find out why he is behaving like this? Here are the 9 reasons behind your partner not giving his phone to you:
1. Always on the phone: The first thing you might see that your partner always stays connected to his phone. Even if you are there with him, still his focus remains on his phone. He forgets that he is in a relationship with you not with his phone.
2. You can’t see his screen: This is a very fishy thing that whatever he is doing with his phone, he always keeps the screen of his phone out of your vision. If you lean towards him to see his screen he either moves his phone away or becomes irritated. This is not a good sign. if he is not doing anything wrong, there is no reason for him to do it openly. Why all these hide and seek?
3. “Oh, No One”: You will hear these three words mostly when you ask him “who is texting”. This is a very common answer similarly like “My Colleague from office”. This is not a good sign at all for your relationship.
4. Waiting For the tone: You can also see that whenever the notification tone of the phone rings, your partner immediately starts checking his phone. It seems he was waiting for the notification to come. It is obvious if you ask who has just texted, you won’t get any proper answer.

5. Read and Turn off: A message comes when you are with your partner having lunch or doing something else. He just reads the message and immediately after he turns his phone off or keeps it away from you. Are all these reasons not enough to make you believe that your partner is hiding something from you? If not, then let’s proceed further.
6. Frequent in Social Media: you will also notice that your partner has become very much active on the social media posting and sharing different things to and fro. This is also another sign. Most of the time during the day and even in the night time, your partner stays online on social media.

we have got the list of reasons here on after which you will know Why My Partner Doesn’t Let Me Use His Phone

Why My Partner Doesn’t Let Me Use His Phone
7. Selfie Freak: The person you know for the last 3 years, never likes to take his own photo. But all of a sudden he starts taking more and more selfies and changes social media profile picture regularly. Hmm…! What is happening?
8. He Stops: Your partner is so busy with his phone in his room. Suddenly you walked in. he just stops everything. This never happens unless he was busy chatting with someone else.
9. Everywhere: Yes! He takes his phone with him everywhere. Even if he goes to the washroom, the phone is with him always.
With all these reasons you can be so sure that your partner is definitely attached to someone else.