quit smoking spell get a psychic help you in quit smoking spell


Many  persons in this world are getting into bad habits. They are addicted to bad things and do wrong things in their life. The smoking is one of the serious problem world is facing today. Every nation number of smokers are increasing day by day.

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A smoker not only cause himself but also cause harm to the people near him. When a person starts smoking he do it fun and enjoyment, but slowly with time he get addicted to this do it more as time passes. Smoking is not only cause harm to the body but it is also a wasting of money.our psychic readers provide psychic reading services for all over the world.

There are many spells for quit of smoking. This spell is very helpful for quit of smoking. This spell should be done on a new moon. For this spell you need 10-15 piece of paper, a pen, a packet of cigarette which is empty, a string , fresh mint leaves, an organite. Now think why you want to quit smoking. Draw a circle  and concentrate for few min, as you feel peaceful and calm. Now take a piece of paper. Take one them and say it loud and then think that smoking is the wasting of money and from now I will not waste money on smoking , it is very harmful and my lungs are getting effected and damage by smoking.Quit smoking spell help for your health.

quit smoking spell

After that think and feel that all of them are true. You will feel very happy and your life is now healthy and fresh. Now take the piece of paper in a cigarette box. Take this process with every piece of paper. After that  close the packet of cigarette and tie it with string with three knots . Take fresh mint leaves, rub them in your palms, inhale this mint leaves to your nose. You will now fresh and beautiful energy is purifying and cleaning your body . Feel that purifying energy is getting around your body and you are becoming healthy and stronger. Now do concentrate for few time, think and say: I have quit smoking and I am feeling fresh and healthy now, then close the circle and throw packet of cigarette in the ground.

This is also another spell for quit of smoking . This spell should be done during waning moon, now drop 3 drops on green food in bottle of ginger ale . Do it with security and then say :

“Smoking is not I want and is not part of me,

When the moon is dark , I want to be free”

From that night until new moon is coming , take a little of ginger ale daily and try to focus on quit of smoking.

There are many people in the world who are getting deeply addicted to smoking and are said to be chain smoker, they can give up smoking by doing this spell:

“ Smoking will not have any domination on me.”

Feel calm , now take remnant and mix it with lemon rind and pine needles. Now place them in a portable container. When you get desire of smoking pinch the mixture into the ground. Then by doing this you will get free from the bad habit of smoking.

This is also a powerful spell for quit of smoking . This spell require ginger, chilli powder, cinnamon, charcoal disk, a red candle , a black candle sage , a packet of cigarette which is empty, a bowl. Now draw a circle and it should be done on the night after lunar eclipse or any time of the waxing moon. Now light the candle and say:

“ Red is the colour of power, Red is the colour of strength. In want strength to get out from this bad habit. Now light the black candle and this also give power to me. After that mix cinnamon , chilli powder , ginger and grind then as they become powdery. Put the charcoal disk in bowl and drop cinnamon mixture on it and also light the charcoal. Now pull cigarette packet in small pieces . When you are forcing paper into small parts , Tar and Nicotin is coming out of your body. Now place pieces into bowl and burn the charcoal . Light the cigarette packet as it will also burn  and say this:

“ I have burn and it will not have control on me. The addiction is now over and I am free now.”