Not Attached to your husband?

Married life is not a piece of cake for every couple. There might be some sort of situation when you feel that you are not that attached to your husband anymore like you used to be before marriage. This doesn’t happen overnight. You must realize the cause behind this. Not Attached to your husband?

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When two people are living together, it is obvious that there will be fights. But love and attachment is also needed in order to stay together. Therefore you need to think a thousand times about this. Because when there is no love, there is no togetherness in married life. You can go for counseling. But before that you need to concentrate on this matter. Here are the 5 very important things that you need to realize and work with:Not Attached to your husband?

  1. Acknowledge to your partner: For any kind of situation truth is always bitter. When it is about your life, you need to admit it and realize. The first thing you need to do is to confess to your partner. That will help you to move towards the next step easily. Because if your husband knows what you are feeling, he can help you out to overcome this complexity.
  2. Physical Attraction: Sex is one of the very important thing to stronger the bond of a relationship. But this not everything to everyone. So you need to recall about how you have been attached physically in the past days. If the answer is not so rewarding then you must think about it. That might do the trick to solve your problem.
  3. Understand the lacking: You need to understand properly whether there is lack of love or desire. If you think that you are in love with him but you don’t want to be intimate sexually with you partner, that you should pay attention to matter. This is a serious issue. You are thinking that you love him, but it might happen that you actually came out from the attraction. You might take expert opinions regarding the issue. But mostly you have to encounter this situation by your own. Because at the end of the day it is you who shares the life with him.
  4. Staying or leaving: Just like high and low tides in the river, every married life has ups and downs. As per your situation this is the lower tide for your relationship. Now you have to think it and decide whether you take a leave from it or just wait for the good time to come. As per recommendation if you run away, you will completely lose him. So its batter to stay. Who knows the situation might change and you start feeling that same old love and attraction that you have been trying to have throughout this bad time.
  5. Try couples therapy: You have already informed your husband about your mental situation. Now it will be better if you two try some couples therapy. This becomes very much helpful in order to solve relationship problems. Go to a counselor or a sex therapist and get some expert advise.