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Leo sign is ruled by the sun and it has great leadership qualities. Its core element is fire and the zodiac symbol is a lion. They are very passionate, brave and always ready to dominate others. Know about your future from the tarot card readers online.

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Positive Traits

Leo is very good at expressing their love. So if you have a place in Leo’s heart, consider yourself very lucky. They are known for their generosity and big heart. If you have a friend or cousin who really gives nice gifts on birthdays then that person might be a Leo. They tend to attract people in their life with their time, attention, money and generosity. They are very confident and don’t miss a chance to showcase themselves. If they like something then do not shy away to show it and even convince others to like it too, all because of the confidence they carry. They are powerful and commanding and accept this thing with pride. Along with this they are also very generous and give other people self confidence to find for themselves. They are excellent cheerleaders for people around them and always encourage them to move ahead and achieve more. They become unstoppable when they are determined to complete a task. If they are trying to reach out to something then they would do anything to make their wish come true. Due to the confidence, leadership qualities and generous nature they are usually popular among people.

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Negative traits

Due to their generous nature, they become easy targets for others to take advantage of. Those who don’t deserve their kindness usually hurt Leos a lot which makes them feel vulnerable about these qualities. As they are not afraid to show their skills and confidence, similarly at their worst, they show their anger. When their self confidence combines with their anger, it gives shape to an egoist person who forgets humility. Their temper becomes the prime reason for many losses in their life which makes them regret later. They do not pursue any alternative goal for their task and this stubborn nature sometimes becomes irritating to others. They find themselves perfect and refrain from taking any criticism. They are used to getting love and attention from all so they do not face trouble accepting any kind of criticism. When you are too confident then you tend to think that you can’t commit mistakes and this is when you fall into the trap and you get hurt when you find the truth.



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