Leo man Capricorn woman Leo man in love with Capricorn

The combination of the two that is Leo with Capricorn is like an avid attraction. Despite making serious efforts you people end up hurting. This is mainly due to the ego you people carry and the misunderstanding that always stays in between. Saturn rules the Capricorn and Leo by the sun. Leo is the lion who is dominating and mightier than others he is ruled by solar power and lives in the impression that he can achieve anything by his might.

Leo man Capricorn woman Leo man in love with Capricorn


leo man capricorn woman compatibility


On the other hand, it’s Capricorn who is under the influence of Saturn and represents the earth sign. Capricorn is equally callous and strong-minded in attitude as Leo. The time and space pacing between you can make you go craze and mad because of its mismanagement. The devotion to the relationship is mainly done by Leo, he/she stays loyal and faithful to his/her companion. But Capricorn, on the other hand, is mainly interested in making sex. This physical requirement of Capricorn can be misjudged as pure love by Leo.

leo man and capricorn woman compatibility

Leo man in love with Capricorn woman compatibility (Leo love Horoscope)

The compatibility among a Leo man and Capricorn woman will suffer a lot because they both are of authoritative nature. when a Leo man is in love you will see and find out how beautiful this bond is going to be it is going to help you grow in a way where you will forget the love that you has had received each other this connection will bring a lot of happiness to both of you and help you make the love to each other

Leo woman with Capricorn man compatibility (Leo love Horoscope)

The Capricorn man with Leo woman holds only a few things that are common in between and hence the compatibility suffers. You both are going to bring next level of love which will make you wonder why it didn’t work with anyone else earlier.