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Psychic Reading – Introduction

Keen Psychic readings online is a term that comes from the Greek word, “psychikos”, that is the meaning of the soul and “psyche” means soul.

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It is the ability for seeing or perceiving of the things that some of the people are not able to perceive through their five senses and results in keen psychic readings online, such as hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell.

This ability of humans is also known as extra-sensory perception (ESP). It can also be observed to be something that is immaterial or of a spiritual nature.keen psychic readings online

A psychic reading is said to be a modern description of the ancient practices of divination.

A genuine psychic, also known to be a keen psychic readings online, who is a person having extra sensory perceptions. He or she has the ability to ‘read’ or sense most of the things that people are unable to pick up. He or she has several abilities such as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Clairvoyance means is the ability of seeing visions and describing the people and places. Clairaudience is the ability of hearing all types of information through some paranormal sources. Some of the people are specialised in both.

Psychic and other intuitive readings offer to bring advice, guidance and clarity to the people through the heightened perceptions of the reader.

Intuitive readings are the main tools of personal empowerment. There is a way provided to people for the reader in order to share their own expertise, and also meant for the people with the purpose to gain a better understanding of their own life and also around the world.

Types of Psychic Readings

  1. Astrology Readings
  2. Numerology Readings
  3. Tarot card Readings
  4. Clairvoyant Readings
  5. Spiritual Readings
  6. Dream Interpretation
  7. Love & Relationship


Keen Psychic Reading

The type of psychic reading in which a person can book and pay for online through a phone connection via a toll free number.

The experienced psychic readers do not need to receive your contact or billing details. Keen psychic readings online play as a third party service provider for handling that. The customer never gets the phone number of a particular psychic reader. Keen psychic readings online connects both the reader and customer together via by their own switchboard.



How Keen Psychic Readings online Works?

  1. Firstly, an individual doing search into the Psychic directory, then he can easily view and get the experienced psychic reader’s feedback, credentials, price and photo.  To get to the top and front pages of Keen psychic readings online, the psychic requires bidding for exposure. That means the psychic prepared to pay the highest bid for getting the top listing. But in order to find the most experienced psychic reading, person requires scrolling through pages to look into the higher feedback numbers next to their listing.


  1. Next, a person has to click on the Call Now button which is displayed alongside the next to the experienced psychic reader that you have chosen.


  1. Then your phone rings as psychic automatically connects with the client and the psychic together privately and safely through their switchboard. Now, the person pay the psychic’s per-minute fee for as long as depending how much he want to speak on the phone.


About Keen Psychic readings online


Keen is said to be the well-known psychic network. He is the one who is eagerly showing interest in psychic reading and doing his best job honestly. Keen psychic readings online builds a large number of psychics, mostly due to the fact that anyone can join the keen psychic readings onlineby knowing their offering psychic services.

As there are lot of psychics working through the Internet, where price per minute can also vary largely, so with most of the top-rated psychics offers price at the higher rates although some offer lower rates.

Types of Readings Offering by Keen

Keen psychic readings online mostly offers readings by the medium of chat and by phone. Although not all psychics’ work using the chat medium, so it is important to read about the psychic’s profile carefully before you contact and find out if they offer the type of reading you want to know.

Because of the large number of psychics working through Internet, you can easily get information of about any kind of psychic reading you want. The main categories of readings offered by Keen psychic reader are:

  • Love and Relationships (Spiritual Connection)
  • Life Questions
  • Tarot Cards
  • Spiritual Reading
  • Psychic Mediums
keen psychic readings