Is our relationship going to last?

When we build a new relationship, the first thought that comes to our mind is will our relationship last. It is also a very trivial question that hits our mind when we think of marrying our long-term boyfriend.No matter how long we have been dating someone whenever we decide to think of a future together we are put in a dilemma if our relationship is going to last. You cannot be sure of the future but there are certain red flags and signs you can check to clinch if your relationship will last or not.

Is our relationship going to last infographics


Some signs to check if your relationship is going to last:


  1. You cannot be fully yourself: What is the point of spending your life with someone you cannot be truly yourself with. One can initially hide their flaws but sooner or later you have to accept the person just the way they are. If you realize you cannot truly be yourself with your partner then it is a big red flag that it is not going to last.


  1. You want to share all the good and bad things with them first: Anyone you are in love with will be the first person you would like to share your happiness and misery with. Now if you know that your boo is the first person you’d share everything with then yes they are the one.



  1. You both readily forgive each other: Forgiving and forgetting are a big factor to decide how long will a relationship last. When you guys are ready to forgive each other and easily forget each other’s blunders you should know that the relationship is going to last.


  1. You help each other grow: You have to make sure when thinking of a long-term relationship with someone if you guys help each other grow. In the long run, you guys have to think of a future together but also about your independent futures. If you think, is this relationship is going to last you need to think if your partner helps you grow to be a better person.
  2. You don’t admire their friends: The friend circle of your partner influences your relationship in many ways. If you don’t like their friends or they don’t like yours then your relationship will not last long because no one leaves their friends for their someone special. Also, if their friends don’t like you then it is also a big no-no to a lasting relation.


  1. Love or lust: What most people think as affection and true love is sometimes just lust that takes over your mind. I mean who doesn’t like all the attention and admiration of their loved ones. Sometimes we take this lust as love and expect a lasting relationship which however is not possible because you guys are not emotionally attached. So if you think is your relationship going to last with this person then I’d say it is not possible.


Although we never know how long it is going to last and honestly none of us wants to get separated from someone they love but there are certain things we have to be sure of before planning a lasting relation. I hope these signs will give you a clear idea if your relationship is going to last.