is my boyfriend serious about me?

The dynamics of love are changing these days which is the reason for high divorce cases and breakups. Even after being a relationship for years, people think they seem confused. The most common question raised by a woman is, is my boyfriend serious about me?  This further complicates the situation and weakens the relationship.

No matter how long a couple has been together if there is any chemistry it will keep the relationship alive. Unfortunately, there is no secret like luck or coincidence which can make a relationship work happily. There is important to understand the deeper meaning of love and relationship.

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5 mantras to keep your relationship everlasting

There are certain things that should be followed while one is in a relationship. There is no ladder that instantly develops understanding, trust, and love. Everything happens step by step. Here are some mantras which can help one build a strong foundation of love:

  1. Adopt a realistic view of the relation

It is very essential to understand that a relationship is not always rosy and dreamy. Girls, often think about is my boyfriend serious about me after a minor inconvenience in a relationship. Couples in a long term relationship will face many ups and downs and having a realistic view is imperative.

  1. Spend quality time together

When the question starts to appear in mind that is my boyfriend serious about me? Or is my girlfriend serious about me? It is time to spend some nice time together. Being with each other without any distractions will make the bond stronger between couples. However, spending time does not mean watching a movie or television.

  1. Be honest

The basic rule of being honest with your partner takes the relationship a long way. It could be related to the things which your partner does not want to hear or see. Being dishonest and lying on small things is the major reason for breakups. Therefore, build trust and try to maintain it.

Honesty should come naturally in a relationship like a breath of fresh air.

  1. ‘Separateness’ make some space for it

It is natural to have interests and hobbies which are different from your partner. Thus, getting straight to the question of is my boyfriend serious about me? Or what if my partner is cheating on me is not correct. A little separateness keeps the relationship fresh and alive.

Unconventional wisdom of spending time alone or apart reminds the couple about each other’s importance.

  1. Communication

Communication is the key to any strong relationship. Overthinking that is my boyfriend serious about me? Or is my girlfriend serious about me won’t solve the issues? As a result, it essential to have proper communication.

The best way to communicate is by listening to your partner properly. Then summarize the whole situation or talk. The process makes the whole situation less defensive and argumentative.


Following these mantras or secrets to having a healthy relationship is not easy. However, in the beginning, it may seem that the efforts are being wasted. But if those efforts are continued, the planted seeds will definitely reap and doubts or questions like is my boyfriend serious about me? Or vice-versa will disappear.