is he the one? here are some of the signs to know it

What is the main reason of having insecurities in a relationship?

is he the one?

Being in a relationship is not a bed of roses. Partners have to through many ups and downs to make a relationship strong. A poor understanding will give space to questions like is he the one? Is he or she cheating on me? What should I do to stop him or her from talking to someone else?

All these questions are mere insecurity. The basic reason behind this can be a confusing concept of love and relationship. People often complicate the difference between love and insecurities. This further leads to a lack of understanding, trust, and communication between partners.

Insecurities have reduced the chances of a long-lived relationship these days. People fear of being in a relationship that does not end insecurities but affects the personal growth, self-confidence, and happiness of being with someone.

Therefore, it is essential to end is he the one? Or is she the one type of questions and work on feeling insecure in a relationship.

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3 methods to stop feeling insecure in a relationship

  1. ‘It’s all about you’ End this now!

Being self-absorbed in the relationship does not work. If there is any situation where your partner does not feel like going out then it might be because of tiredness, a bad day, etc. Self-analyzing the situation of is he the one? Or is she the one ruins the relationship.

Try enjoying the very moment and understand your partner. Obsessing over the situations or meanings of talk is like jumping in fire. On the other hand, never berate your other half for being silent or quiet.

The best way to deal with this situation is to hold your partner’s hand. Try breathing in and breathing out. Celebrate the silent moments together. Being with your partner can be enjoyed by being silent as well.

  1. Stop being paranoid about everything

We cannot deny the fact that our partners are going to have friends of the opposite sex. So, thinking is he the one? Or is she the right one for me defines being paranoid. It is better to avoid the lure to check your partner’s phone, or any other social media accounts.

This kind of behavior can satisfy the person for a moment but can clearly become a habit. Therefore, it is advised to ignore this habit as it can damage the whole relationship.

  1. Learn to love yourself

Experiencing the love where there is someone to kiss, hug or cuddle is a great feeling. But before completely falling into that zone it is imperative to love yourself first. People need to understand this to avoid insecurities in their relationships or questions like is he the one? Or is she the one?

Be prepared to invite someone in your life when you are not in a disarray. Be the best version of yourself before being in a relationship.


It is important to let go of the insecurities. It not only helps in improving the relationships but avoids the side effects of it. For instance, anxiety, stress, health issues, overthinking, etc. So, the next time you think is he the one? Or is she the one for me then try to be calm and let go of the insecurities.