Is he flirting or just being nice

Is he flirting or just being nice? The question more often comes to the mind of the girl when any man tries to engage with her. If you are facing any such situation then there are various ways by which you can comprehend whether he is trying to get into you.  



The first thing you can hypothesize is whether Is he flirting or just being nice is that check the way of his talking style. If he compliments you more often than he is flirting but if he does it rarely then he is just a friendly person.



Another point by which you can assess whether Is he flirting or just being nice is that you notice him when he talks to you. If he smiles while talking to you in a different way and tries to peep into your eyes while conversing then it confirms that he is flirting.

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If he talks to you casually without smiling and focussing on you then he is just a decent man who is trying to know you and has no intention of trifling you. Don’t be quick to judge when this kind of situation arises.


If he behaves like a mad person when he sees you or when he starts talking to you then it is sure that he is trying to get into you. But if he behaves normally, just gets a little happy then he is generous and possesses no intention of flirting with you.



Answer to Is he flirting or just being nice can be sought easily by noticing him. If he keeps on throwing pick up lines tenderly towards you then he is flirting. On the other hand, if he engages in casual conversation with just a hint of your praises then it simplifies that he is not flirting.



How to confirm whether he is flirting or he is a good person?


One can confirm that Is he flirting or just being nice just by observing him. If he is getting too fond of you and your presence cheers him up differently than it states he has a stable crush on you.



He will prioritize you over anything and will he always be ready to do your chores in order to impart your comfort and happiness. But if he just finds occasional conversation with you good then he is still on track and not trying to get involved with you.



If he cares for you excessively and always makes sure that you do not face any kind of discomfort or uncertainty then he has fallen for you and is trying his best level to flirt and engage with you anyhow.


His intentions can clear the pavement of your dilemma of Is he flirting or just being nice.

If he has the purpose of flirting then that person will somehow make his way towards you and will clash with paths with you quite often. Judge the person by analyzing all these points.